April 22, 2021

From Bushbuckridge to Tembisa with Bars, Rapper Vincy M Changes the Rap Game with Hits

Vincy M (real name) Vincent Morupane is a Rapper born on the 7th February 1995 In Mpumalanga Bushbuckridge.
He grew up with his Granny, Sister and Cousins, at the age 19 he relocated to Gauteng (Tembisa) to complete His studies.
During His up raising He always wanted to be different, His family loved playing House Music, so wanting to be different He got himself close to Hip hop fans, He met Maxwell, a rapper he attended school with who saw something in him that he did not notice.
Around 2009 Maxwell started teaching Vincy the one’s and two’s of Rap and at that moment Vincy fell deeply in Love with the World of Hip hop.
Hip hop plays a very important a role in His Life. Following it surely was the right path as it has been recognized by a lot of people that He is skillful and He is being Motivated to keep on Pushing.
After finding his ground in Hip hop, he started following a lot of Artists, His growth is influenced by the likes of Hopsin.
Hopsin’s music inspires Him to write about his life and what he wants to Achieve.
In his music he has one person who has been supporting him from day one in this Hip hop journey, His cousin Peter... Peter always pushed Vincy to not give up even if the reason to give up was clear, if it was not because of Peter, Vincy's rap talent would still be locked in the dark
In the music industry he worked with a lot of up coming artist and producers.

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What else does Vincy M do besides Music?

Besides Music I'm just as normal as everyone, maybe the difference would be that I'm much of a traveler as I like to explore places I never been before and to be honest, that is also part of what inspires me to even write more.


How is the Response from Your Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?

To be honest I'm not much Blessed with a Family that really understands Music as deep as I do, not that I'm complaining, No! I'm just grateful that they are not discriminating the path I took. But there’s a cousin of mine who has been My pillar of strength through this journey and till this day he still got my back (Peter)


You dropped a hit "Self Motivated" What's the whole story behind the song?

Self-Motivated simply explains itself if You listen to it, but just to break it down a bit, I was at a stage where I felt like everything has come to a stop. Couldn’t feel the spirit in me to keep writing and I was really much convinced to just quit but then a part of me kept on believing that there’s light and that’s when I picked a pen.

Download and Stream "Self Motivated" on the links below:







Most Rappers Give themselves Stage names that are way too different from their government names, what Motivated you to stick to Your identity as your stage name?

The reason why I felt the need to keep My real Name as part of my stage name was because most of My scripts are based on what’s real, My experiences of this life are the reason why I'm able to pick a pen and write something because I feel like lot of people can actually relate to them. So to the people who are out there, I don’t just come as an artist but also as My true self.


What makes a Good Hip hop Artist according to your opinion and experiences?

I always tell people that in My eyes, You as good as Your pen game, blow My minds with words, take Me into an adventural tour of Bars. I like to learn so don’t be simple, exercise My thoughts and let me feel Your emotions through Your music. To Me that’s what makes a better Artist.


What makes a Good Hip hop Artist according to your opinion and experiences?

There’s a whole lot of talent in Mzansi but at the same time, too much hate is clouding the process of progression, no one wants to see the other guy doing better or being above them and that’s the bad thing
What’s good is that I see so much potential in our Youth, young artists are out there trying to claim their spot at the top of the table and I'm proud to announce that I'm one of those few.


Few years to come, where will Vincy M be?

I believe that if I can keep the same spirit and energy in few years to come, folks will be pointing at Me on their TV screens, being at the top of the game making Money moves in the Music industry

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Shout Outs 

In simple terms I’d like to send a Shout out to everyone who’s supporting Me through My Music Journey, whoever You are and wherever You are, I say THANK YOU.

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