April 20, 2023

Johannesburg Rapper - Bobo Sway talks about The Good and Bad thing about Hip hop around his Hood | Feed the Streets

Sibongiseni Nqoba Ncube known as Bobo Sway is a hip-hop artist, mc, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Describing his music as New Age Hip-hop with elements of trap, kwaito and street rap, Sway uses insight to get his message across targeting the demographic of the youth.
Born on the 05th of April 1997, the 26 year old from Kenilworth, South of Johannesburg began his musical journey at the age of 14 after continuously writing his life experiences in a personal diary , being recommended by his friends to start rapping. Sway cites his earliest inspirations to music was Nas and Wiz Khalifa. He started participating in high school cyphers to get his name out there whilst perfecting and mastering his craft. Sway's most recognized accomplishment in his career is that he is a season 1 contestant on South Africa's Music League reality competition show called "Freeburn Music League"

What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop around your hood according to your experiences?

The Good thing about Hip-hop experiences in my Hood is that there is a different bunch of collective kids each moving differently. So instead of like moving in a way to make it pop in the Hood in terms of events, people go outside you see, trying to get industry/regional traction instead of traction in the Hood. Take your Southside Kulturez for e.g

The bad thing about it though is with these cliques or different kids, if you not networked with them or like around them you won't be included in their movement or what's being pushed, which lacks to result in people supporting you in your music and your movement or motion you got going on, like personally I feel people know me in the streets but they don't know my music as much because I'm not associated with certain cliques or peeps but it's all good though I gusss that's how the game goes.

How is the Response from your Family and Friends towards your Music?

So My family in terms of my music really being mom she's chilled, she doesn't really listen to it but she supports heavy like you know putting me on her students she teaches on my music, competitions I'm in getting them to vote for me and rally behind me so she supports like that. My friends at the moment you know like the Gents really enjoy my current project called *Feed The Streets* I guess it's because some of them know my story and where I come from so the development and progress that I'm showing them is something they enjoy seeing since they know where I started out as a person.

Bobo Sway… What is the story behind this Stage Name?

My name Bobo Sway, so originally my nickname here at Home is Bobo right since my full name is Sibongiseni so when you cut it, it's Bobo so my previous stage name was B.O.Squared which = Bobo so now in college 2018 my friend; shout out December Solstice he just added the Sway to Bobo cause he heard my previous stage name and his like use your name Bobo and add Sway to it.

If there was one thing you would like to change about Hip hop around Your hood, what would it be?

One thing I would like to change is that no matter what type of person a music does right, we should support them as long as it's good quality and it resonates with the story of Southside Kenilworth 2190 we really need a straight story that it's common where even someone whose new can get it and understand. So we need to be in support of the culture of South

Which One Song would you say People started loving or noticing Bobo Sway with?

Well it's different because my 1st mixtape I dropped Rookie Season I had a record named *"Bobzin"* it was a New skool Kwaito vibe. But rn it's changed bro people are liking people my new project *Feed The Streets* they noticing songs like The Great and Going Off.

You are a Musician and an Entrepreneur, how do you balance the two?

I look up to God for balance To be Honest but to answer your question like I feel they go hand in hand, look at it like; this as a musician. I am a business and a business I need people to know I do music so how do I do that, via Marketing whether it's social media, guerrilla tactics through Street marketing it's how I balance so because people knew me first maybe when they had an introduction to me was probably via my Hustle and entrepreneurial journey and because now what has happened is that people believe in me they follow my every movement and steps and wanna see me win as a person so that's what makes it dope.

Few years to come, Where will Bobo Sway be?

In a few years Bobo Sway is going to be a Global Superstar and have a massive brand impact and appearance with a massive fellow behind him. His establishing his business slowly but surely its coming along.

Shout Outs

I wanna send a shout out to My Parents, My friends, fans, 20SwayTeen Gang, B4L, the Freeburn Music League, Afrimabonavision, Sahiphopmusicblog, NewEraSaHipHop, Rap Type Mag, The radio stations playing my music, blogs writing about me, shout out to all the event organizers/Promoters who are booking me for Shows, they been showing me love lately???????? and everyone around the world who supports me I appreciate you so much and to the Top we Go.

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