June 20, 2024

Model From Shirley; Ellah Munyai Talks the Good and Bad Experiences in Modeling | Acting #Talk2Jay

Ellah Munyai is a Model and Actress from Shirley around Elim who seem to be passionate about what she does.

On the interview she mentioned things like; on most of the movies she acted, she was given characters that were given to other people who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the shoot, so she had to replace them.

The First movie that she acted, she only appeared on one scene where the character dies right at the beginning of the movie.

That didn’t discourage her as one of her achievements on the acting scene was when she was given a main character on the movie “Boss Lady” where she did a very good job on it.

Ellah is also a model who participated on few beauty pageants where she so far became a queen twice among all the competitions she participated on.
Now she is participating on Beauty pageants such as Miss South Africa Heritage and Miss Limpopo Heritage.

Watch the video for more information on her journey

Host: Jabulani Jay
Guest: Ellah Munyai
Camera: Lester Matthews & Junior “Makepisi” Maluleka

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