February 26, 2021

Rapper JuicyKiller drops "Under A Spell" ft (Trap Lord) Manotry

The Song Uner a Spell ft Manotry is about a beautiful girl who uses a Love potion on Guys to get what she wants

JuicyKiller- Under A Spell ft Manotry 

"I wrote this song because before I found out that she used a love potion on Me, things we were very great, I was deep in Love and those memories were some of the best memories I had in My Life" ~ JuicyKiller

I worked with Manotry, this is the guy I know He's good with Trap and Love songs... We always advise each other on the music production

It took about 2 hours to compile the beat, as in getting the whole thing done (mastering n mixing)
The song however took about 3 weeks... I first had to write the hook then we discussed about it, we talked about who will rap the first verse and how the track will end


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