March 27, 2020

Rapper Ntate Stunna to Represent Lesotho and Freestate through Hip hop

From humble beginnings Thaabe Letsie, popularly known as MegaHertz AKA ntate Stunna, began his career in 2014 with a single titled “from khaya to jozi”(2015) from khaya to jozi Deluxe edition(2017) and dirty shoes mixtape produced by Mega Hertz.
Produce Ntloheleng by Irysh Da Princess along with follow up tracks “half a million” mixed and mastered by Lava wa Mrepa.
With just a few songs under his belt, MegaHertz fast enjoyed a huge following in Lesotho and neighbouring country South Africa and Botswana due to his unique approach to Hip Hop. Producted whether video that was loved by international community enjoyed more than 1 million viewers
Due to his raw and unique style in Hip Hop, Stunna has caught the attention of mainstream artists and has shared the stage with the likes of DJ Tira/ NaakMusiq/ Major Leagues /Riky Rick and many more. In 2019 he is featured Khotho by Juvy

Who or what got you to Hip hop?
The likes of G Unit

If Hip hop didn't exist, Where would Ntate Stunna be?

Maybe I'd be a famo musician.. One thing Forsure it would be something that has to do with music


From your first release "From Khaya to Jozi" to Your Latest release "Ke Thata" how has your Journey been?
It has been challenging.. Trying get to the mainstream with. Different sound


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop in Lesotho according to your experiences?
Not enough platforms to showcase hip hop talent is the biggest challenge


As the Worl is currently experiencing a crisis with the Covid19, how is this affecting the music and entertainment industry?
Artists make most of their income from events
So the crisis has really affected the entertainment industry at large


Ntate Stunna... what is the story behind this stage name?
Nothing really dramatic its just a nick name I got from the hood
I used to go by the stage name Mega Hertz..


Your latest hit "Ke Thata"... what is the story behind this hit track?
The sound it'self has a lot of Sesotho feel (famo) in it.. And famo songs are about self praise


What makes a good Rap artist in your opinion?
Creativity.. How you articulate your craft


Surely there are so many people out there who wish to get where you are, What wise words van you install in their minds?
Beleive in yourself and dream big... You can go as far as you dream..


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Shout Outs
My fans and supporters.. Everybody who believes in me..