April 12, 2021

Rapper Switch Murda Shaking Social Media with his Touching Song "Hungry in the Streets" | Here What You Didn't Know about Him

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I come from Musical family; My Aunt is a Singer and My Uncle was a Producer at Ntleleng Music Production, He used to make Wedding songs and He was a Manager to a lot of Artists


What else does Switch Murda do besides Music?

I am a Cofounder of this NPO (Nonprofit organization), We give back to the community; Speaking of that, I'm organizing this other event that we will be generating money, raising funds for orphans to buy shoes...


How is the Response from Your Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?

Okay... lol this one... My Family doesn't really support what I'm doing, especially My Father, but I got used to it. However; there are some family members who are really supportive and want to see me getting there"...

My Friends are really Supportive, because they believe that I'm a good Rapper


You dropped a hit "Hungry in the Streets" What's the whole story behind the song and how is the response from your fans towards this song?

The whole Story behind "Hungry in the Streets"; I was just laying it out Expressing my feelings, it happened so weird actually, My Guy was playing beats and we came across that Beat, that's where I jumped on to it, it didn't even take me a while, it took me minutes to make it, so "Hungry in the Streets", I was just expressing how I feel, it was kinda like I was putting out what was trapped inside Me

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Your stage name Switch Murda", what's the story behind it?

My Stage Name; Switch Murda.. Switch... actually the name came from the streets, the way that I switched up my style of rapping, people would say "ey you killed it" every time they would tell me that I killed the music, lyrics, I killed songs... they were like I switch up the vibe then I killed it, so that's how Switch Murda came up


What makes a Good Hip hop Artist according to your opinion and experiences?

I think it's Attitude! Attitude toward what you really want, but Good Attitude, Not Pride, just be Humble and more Practice, it is 90% Practice, it is not about Talent actually, it is about Practice, putting in the Work.


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Mzansi Hip hop according to your experiences?

I can say that a lot of hip hop artists in Mzansi are more focused on one thing, most artists just talk about Money, talk about Girls, talk about things that are useless matter of fact.
You cannot talk about Money and Girls while You don't have, don't tell Me about local Girls and You call that... nah... Mzansi hip hop is... You know when it comes to Fans in South Africa, they compare local Artists and other Artists that are not really on that caliber. So... ah, Mzansi man.. that's why I don't really like Mzansi, My honest Opinion, I don't really like local... I Love My Country but when it comes to the Fans bro... yooo the got too much Hate


Few years to come, where will Switch Murdabe?

Bra, in a few Years I'll be everywhere, I'm coming for Magazines, Movie Screens, Televisions, I'm coming for Billboards, Awards, Grammies, I'm coming for the SAMAs... Bra I will be everywhere, this is not a prophecy, I'm telling You this.
Please keep this safe because this will be a testimony, I'm coming, this is 2021 and this is Switch Murda Speaking, I'm coming for everything, no lie, no cap and no doubt... I'm coming for every single list, I'm on top of every list, just know that I'm coming for everything, I'll be everywhere, every single Continent, Country, Village... I don't care... I'm coming


Shout Outs

Shout out to You Jay for reaching out, this is an honor, it's a privilege, Shout Out to Rap type Mag.
Shout out to My Producer, Katwave, Maslaw, Kid B, Awaking it, Lee Ash, Pr Fam, Trace View Gang, SkyVo shout out to everybody around me, my circle... I don't have fans, I have Family, I'm still local, I don't have fans, i have people who support me actually, I'm nothing without them


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