May 9, 2018

Rey Letsooa Breaks the Cocoon through Poetry as She Sparkles, Be Inspired!

The limelight has never been something that RefuweRey” Letsooa has shied away from; in fact the limelight follows her shadow around.
Born and bred in the Free State, this blooming rose has been nurtured by parents who were both performers and singers.
From a tender age she would often be the lead role in school plays, and would be asked to be the one to do the ice breaker at school functions. All this came very naturally to her. Alongside drama she was also the captain of her High School debating team.
Even throughout her university years she would write, direct and star in plays that would be performed to the disadvantaged as part of her social contribution.  She is also a poet that hopes that through her work her audience will be inspired and change their minds about social issues.  She believes that she has been called to be the voice to the voiceless and give courage to those who have lost it.
Her infectious smile and personality has enabled her to relate to an array of people from different creeds and background, people being aware of this very quality Rey is often asked to be the Master of ceremonies at her friend’s functions.
Although she appears to have everything in order, it was not always the case as her journey has not been easy but it has been one full of pain, sadness but eventual breakthroughs.
It was this journey that taught her about self-acceptance and constantly fighting for her life in this world.  She believed that the lessons she has learnt are gifts that she is now able to advise and help those that are currently going through the same issue.

She was recently (11 March 2018) the bachelorette on Mzansi Magic “Date my family”, her show trended for three days and viewers were even bold enough to say that it the best that the show has ever produced.
She had made history when the toughest of critics black twitter felt completely in love with her.  Many women and men were able to resonate with this gem because they felt that she was confidently and authentically herself.
Till this day her inboxes are flooded with messages from the public thanking her for giving them courage to be themselves again.
Some stop her in the streets to ask her advice on how to reach self-actualization, even celebrities such as Boity Thulo and Anele Mdoda have started following on social media and calling her a woman of substance.
She is definitely a woman on the rise.


How I'd motivate someone else; It is important to be authentic to yourself.
As cliche as it might sound there's only one you and you only have one life to live, make it count. Comparison is and always be the greatest thief of joy. Live your life fearlessly. Stop apologizing for dreaming big and going after your dreams.

I'd like to send a shout out to the man upstairs,my mum,my siblings, friends and everyone that continues to show me love and support.

As young people, we struggle finding ourselves because we are afraid to spend time by ourselves away from the crowd.
It's okay to not to always have it together but it's important to remember that you are a work in progress and you have to be deliberate in working on takes time

Contact details
(e) [email protected]
Instagram: reyletsooa
Facebook: Refuwe Rey Letsooa
Twitter: refuwe@reyletsooa

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