March 28, 2018

Young2-SwiTch breaks the Cocoon on his new hit "POLO" ft Rito

Shepard Vonani "Young2-SwiTch" Masiya Is a hip hop artist born in Alexander 1994 on the 7th of March, His Home Town Giyani in Limpopo and currently staying in Olieven Hotbosch.
"I’ve been there for over 13 Years Now. I was raised by My Great grandmother from the Age of 3 to 10. Young2-SwiTch Started as “To Switch” as my great grandmother used to say I act like an old man and it reminded her of her late Husband on how much I cared and took care of her, so for 3 years I was trying to bring the best out of my stage name to sound “cool”, I then changed the name to Young2-SwiTch which explains that I was too young to switch up. I was always an Ambitious kid, caring and liked to help out where I could, even on big situations where I didn’t fit, I would always ask if I could help"

Why Hip hop?
With the love of Music, not just Hip-Hop but all genres, l love music and listen to so many musicians, the massage they share in their music makes me gain interest in the business and want to understand it more. I started to understand the music industry back in 2014 after doing some research and developed skills and understanding on how to make a record and how to get my music to the people with digital platforms, I learnt how to distribute my music as an independent artist and had my own Label (The Hood Cash Records) which was founded in 2016.
I gained so much love in the Music industry and chose the Rap Game because it has inspired a lot of people including myself and I feel like I can touch people’s lives through it. I also feel like music is the way of communicating with people and my soul, teaching and learning our differences as humans. So i thought if Jay Z is able to help out his Community out of his success then why can’t I do more than that? I am not in the music industry or music business to be just rich and famous but I want to be successful to reach out to my community.

From the hits like Kings and Ditoro, just to name the few, to Polo, how has the Journey been?
Singles POLO, Kings and Ditoro have been making impact in the digital Platforms, people love the songs and the inspirations they have. I have been receiving great feedbacks from all of them. I have 24 songs online from my albums; The Black Print and Better Days Compilation that dropped in November last year, both of my albums have uplifted my name all over, so my journey has been a long one but mostly exciting with my 95 Job as I do music on my free time.

You recently dropped a single with the 3 o’clock rapper Rito Tory Blaze, what is the motive behind the track and how was the experience working with him?

I met a friend Rito Baloyi who also became my brother back in 2015 around April, we were both involved in some community work that brought us closer and shared the stage in June 2015 along-side Kwesta. We stayed in touch; we spoke about a feature for a long time and to make music together. Our first Project happened to be the hit single POLO of which I was inspired by latest version of the VW Polo. I loved the car so much and thought of making a hit out of it. I am thinking of owning one of the VW Polo cars while working on some few projects that we will release as time goes on. I said to my brother Rito Baloyi that “2018 we are breaking barriers and there is more to come”.

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Shout outs
I would like to give a shout out to everyone who have been supporting my craft from day one, shout out to Rap Type Mag.