December 22, 2017

11 Things You Didn't Know about TORY BLAZE

Here are the 11 things you didn’t know about Tory Blaze.
IMG 20171128 WA0002

  • The Rap god Eminem listened to Tory Blaze’s song
  • Tory Blaze in reality, he’s a humble person
  • He says he can dance very good
  • Tory Blaze once repeated his 10th Grade in high school because of Music
  • Tory Blaze Pediophobia, he fears Dolls
  • He is a Pacifist, War and violence are unjustifiable to him
  • Tory Blaze has a crush on Amo Chidi Who plays “Reneilwe” on the series “Rhythm City”… “God, can’t she marry me already?” He said…
  • He is funny
  • Tory Blaze is all about ositivity and good vibes
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol
  • His stage name “Tory Blaze” started this way: “This other chick back in highschool used to call me “Tori”, which was my name “Rito” when pronounced backwards, as for Blaze, I got it after my first song from a day one fan saying “Yoh man, your rhymes are blazing, you are a Blaze” and from there I became “Tory Blaze”

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