August 16, 2017

3 Dimensions brings Music in 3D

3Dimensions is a hip hop crew composed of four members, Bennedict "Hip-Shadow" Mamaseli, Tshwarelo "Magrega" Mashaba, Gedion "Skhalo" Bopape, and Johannes "Perfbeats" Lemekoane. We all come from a small rural village in Limpopo called Mentz. We don't only do but we live hip hop music. We are also performers, we always bring fire to the stage, no-matter the size of the crowd we just give it our all.
Why Hip hop?
I can't really tell why we chose Hip Hop, I can say hip hop chose us, and rap is one of the best ways to express one's feelings.
What’s the motive behind your name 3 Dimension?
A lot of people get surprised 'cause we are 4 and yet we call ourselves 3Dimensions. Our name is not based on the number of members in the crew but based on our music. Our music comes in 3D, you would ask yourself 'how?' cause it's only visuals that can come in 3D not sound. When you listen to our music, you visualise or I can say it makes you imagine whatever we are rapping about in the track, hence the name 3Dimensions
Who have you worked with in some of your projects?
We have worked with Kay, one of the best vocalist in the country, he won a golden ticket on Idols SA season 13.
One word to describe 3 Dimensions?
Follow 3 Dimensions on:
Facebook page "3Dimensions SA"
Follow our producer on Instagram @perfbeats300
Who intimidates you guys?
No matter in our area or on TV or any other place you can think of, we are not intimidated by anyone 'cause we are not in a competition with anyone, we are competing with ourselves, the aim is to put our heads to together and feed people good music.
Word of Motivation
All we can say to them is to never give up, we just dropped an EP titled "Trial And Error", the motive behind the name is, you gotta try and fail, go back try again and fail, never be scared of failure 'cause it's just a stepping stone towards your success, somewhere somehow you are gonna make it. There are 3 keys to making it in the industry, that is Work, Work and More Work.
Shout outs
Big shout out to Our Parents, Trizzyboy, Matsobane Modiba, Limpopo Rhythm, Samuel Seabela, Thabang Nonyane, Lekkersweet, Nelson Mamaregane, Herbert Quincy-King, Mpho Matsi. The list is just endless. An even bigger shout out to everyone who supports our music but not mentioned above. Biggest shout out to our haters, they keep us going. We love y'all, peace

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