August 18, 2023

A Dream Come true for Vaal Rapper; LilBoy Rsa on finally Collaborating with J Molley | Good & Bad about Hip Hop + More

LilBoy Rsa is a South African Hip Hop Artist from Vaal. He is a Rapper, Performer, Director and an Actor

Who or what got you into Hip Hop?

Back in 2015 I used to listen to Kasi Rap until I fell in love with music and tried to generate the new sound of New Wave


If you were not a Rapper, what would you be?

I was going to be a visual artist, I was so good at drawing


What are the Good and the Bad things about Hip Hop around your hood?

When you are an upcoming artist nobody takes you serious

Everyone does hip hop so it's easy to support each other


How is the response from your Family and Friends towards your music?

When I started rapping they used to say I'm wasting my time, music won't take me anywhere. Now they see my passion in music and they believe in me


What’s this One song that made a lot of people know and love LilBoy Rsa?

Name of the song is "Drip", it was released in 2019

LilBoy Rsa, What is the story behind this stage name?

I was 9 years old when I got that name, I thought it was the right for me that time because I was so young


Who do you wish to work with in future and why?

I wanted to work with J Molley, I recently turned that wish into a reality because now I have an unreleased song with him. The reason why I wanted to work with him it's because nobody understand his music like I do, he's been through what I'm facing now

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