July 26, 2018

A Rapper From Alex; Richi Rich to Bring Fresh Hip hop in Mzansi

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RICHI RICH is a musician/creative from Alexandra but I was born in Soweto and moved to Alex at a very young age, that’s where I am actually still based. I make music, I am an overall creative and I’ve been doing music for 8 years now.
What Got Richi Rich into Hip hop?
Well, my friend actually started writing lyrics for me in 2010 because he thought I had the voice for it. That’s where it actually started. A few months later I started writing my own and the following year which was 2011 I released my first ever project and from there I’ve been growing strong. I’ve always loved music as I used to dance before rapping.
If You were not into Hip hop, What would you be doing?
I don’t think I’d be doing anything else, I really love hip hop and I’ll die for this… real talk.
What is the Motive behind Your Writings?
Well my motivation is; I want to cultivate a new sound for Alexandra and let the world know about Alexandra and its rich history.
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Great Guns Worked With?
Well me and my team have had the chance to work with different artists but working with Okmalumkoolkat was a highlight in our career, one of my producers produced his first single (Ntwanayam) of his latest album that inspired us to actually cultivate a new sound and changed our whole prospective on South African Hip Hop Music.
One Word to Describe Richi Rich?
What Changes will Richi Rich Bring to the Hip hop Game in the Near Future?
Well as I said, I am to bring in a new fresh and exciting sound for South African hip hop because I don’t think Americans would want to hear what they do here in South Africa and I hope to encourage other South African Artists to trust their own skills / talent and stop looking up to American Artists.
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Follow Richi Rich;
On all social media platforms @richirichworld1
If You Wanna Be Like Richi Rich?
Well I think they must first be passionate about music, work hard and be themselves. That worked for me.
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Shout Outs
Shout out Suup Zulu, Georgethegroove, Djhotplay, Hip naughtic Sean, Cido Mooi, XTC,YKS and everyone that has contributed to the RICHI RICH brand growing and everyone that supports me and listens to music.

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