February 16, 2023

AKA’s (Forbes) Family Confirms AKA’S “Mass Country” Album Release to Honour His Legacy

With the nation engulfed with the griefof the tragic and untimely passing of Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes', the Forbes family have acknowledged the outpouring of support and love from South Africa and beyond.


The family continues to celebrate the life of their son. To honor his legacy, they arechoosing to continue with the release of TheMass Country album on the 24th February2023 as planned.

In the last two years Mass Country has become AKA’s entire world. The SUPA MEGA constantly kept the album release momentum and anticipation high. He first made an announcement of the album onthe 10th of January 2023, via Instagramwith a post of the artwork captioned with the album title and release date.

Nivo Manager & Co-Executive Producer ofMass Country shared: “The team wasextremely blessed to work so closely on this project with Kiernan. We spent a lot of time mapping out this roll out and creatingall the content we have under his direction.

Kiernan worked tremendously hard on this project. He put his heart and soul into it, and we were blessed that Kiernan got the opportunity to map out this entire roll out and approve all the elements, so what willbe coming out will be as per his directionand his vision. We thank the Forbes familyfor their faith in the entire team working on this project.”


AKA’s Team Vth Season, The T Effect andSony Music Entertainment Africa willmanage the release of Mass Country. With the support and blessings of the family we celebrate The SUPA MEGA through his giftof music.

Managing Director at Sony Music Entertainment Africa, Sean Watson: “Our hearts are broken. We’ve lost not only an icon but someone who was dear to us as a member of the Sony family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones as we all traverse this difficult time of mourning the loss of a dearly beloved and respected artist. All of us at Sony Music convey ourdeepest sympathies and condolences to hisfamily, friends, the Megacy and SouthAfrica.”

Long Time Friend, Advisor and Business Partner @Vth Season’s, Rapheal Benza:“Kiernan worked very hard on this project.The energy and the expectations from theMegacy fuelled him to make a masterpiece. We are delighted, even at our saddest moment, to share the music he left behind for us for eternityLong Live, Supa Mega, Live Long!! The world will never forget AKA and that’s a promise

As per Kiernan’s wishes, the next single release will be Company alongside longtime collaborator and friendKiddominant. Scheduled for release thisFriday, the 17th of February, the single wasrecorded in Los Angeles while during hisJanuary holiday.

-      Vth Season, The T Effect & SonyMusic Entertainment Africa

Listen to AKA’S ‘Company’ Here

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