May 5, 2023

Brian Bomba Drops - Ride or Die (Album) | Here’s Why Marharhani is His Favourite Song

Ride or Die is about the music, “The music of Brian Bomba speaking to people” the music of Brian Bomba being timeless.


How long did it take for the whole Album to complete?

After My Mother passed on, Music was the only thing that kept me sane and woke, because that is what we knew what to do best together with her…

I’ve recorded close to 40 songs since My Mother’s passing to date

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Who have you worked with in this album and how was the experience working with them?

Worked with Moose & Steven Makhongela on most songs and reeves as well as Skoroza


What challenges have you faced in the process of making this album?

Lots of Load Shedding to start with, time scheduling, but we sacrificed and made it work…

Which song is your favourite on this album and why?

Marharhani, it’s a song we sang a lot together with My Mother.


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