April 25, 2023

Brian Bomba takes us through His Xitsonga Soul Music Journey | Yellow Bone Song + His Upcoming Album

Brian Bomba is a South African Xitsonga Soul Musician, brought up by a single mother, a legend inthe Xitsonga Traditional music Culture, I am from a town called Malamulele under the Collins Chabane local municipality,


What are the Good and Bad things about Tsonga Soul and Pop according to Your Experiences?

I’m not sure what other musicians face according to challenges but for me music is Spiritual, and I do it for the love of it, it heals me and it builds me..


Yellow bone is one of the songs that was loved the most by the fans around South Africa… What’s the story behind the song and how do you feel about it?

Yellowbone simply was a way of life expressing how one feels about their woman and the impact that this lady has on one getleman, I am a story teller and it was simply a story that anyone can relate to,

How did Brian Bomba’s life Change after the hit Yellow Bone?

Well, i grew up in a well known family and in tens of attitude I remained grounded as I was my mother influenced a generation in terms of culture and music and to be honest I was just grateful that I got to walk in her shoes and continue her lagacy which is also my lagacy and it will also be within the bloodline I know that for sure.


What makes a Good Musician in your opinion?

Staying true to yourself and being different is what makes a great musician, we can never be the same if we really want to make an impact..difference is what makes us.


The Upcoming Album, how is it communicating to the Audience and how do you think they will respond to it?

The upcoming Brian Bomba album titled “RideOrDie” is the ultimate example of what Brian Bomba stand for musically “Rethym” and to touch someone out there , to heal someone and happiness..as well as to cement what I have pioneered as Brian Bomba the unique sound of Brian Bomba.


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