March 21, 2017

Can This Young Rapper Mc Tsotso Change Mzansi Hip hop?

Why hip hop out of all genres?
Because Malome introduced it to me first
What makes Mc Tsotso different from other hip hop artists?
I’m unique because I started rapping at the youngest age, i don’t imitate anybody and Malome gave me my own style of Rap!
Have you met people who take advantage of you being in the hip hop game for being young?
No, i will never run after somebody I really don’t know I’m just paving my own way and do things my own way!
One word to describe Mc Tsotso?
Do you think you have what it takes to improve Mzansi hip hop to a better level?
I’ve done that the first time I was on the stage, but because they are too scared of Mc Tsotso they will never say anything concerning me but they are talking about my name behind closed doors.
How do people reach Mc Tsotso if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
Malome opened a Facebook page (Mc Tsotso supporters) group, instagram and Twitter (@Tebogo_Lekontra) for me! Or call Malome on 0721398040
Do you have any functions or events or projects that you are about to perform to?
Eish that one is real though, family fights kept my album pending. #Bo_Malome finished my album but there is no good relationship between my father and my uncle and my uncle decided to take his work away from me which is my whole album.
Who intimidates you around your area when it comes to dropping lines?
I respect all guys here in Vryburg because most of them also respect me, I will go with Kgosi Katse, Gp Masif, Mokgankgara Lepara, Micky, Damster and the only person who intimidated me personal with song writing is my uncle!
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Mc Tsotso? how can you motivate them?
First of all, respect the person who take time to develop you in music, secondly respect your parents and your parents must also support you in music to give you courage on what are you doing 100%
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Shout to my parents, my Older brother Gp Masif also a rapper,  my younger brother also a Rapper #Mc Joocy,  shout out to my friends and cousins Mimi le Kopano, Shout to #Kgosi Katse, Mokgankgara Lepara, Micky, Nizzie Nova, micky,Sposposki, Dineo Moseki, TMP, Groovers Lovers, Lebze on the Track, Kreepie Kash, Dj Lemonka, Tattoo Lefoko, Notshi, Fifi Cooper, Sandy Gasekoma, Madito Molebalwa, Gao Molebalwa, Tshepo Bloom, Thabo Appolus, Dj Nation, Dj Sphere, Dj Kisto, Dj Harvey, Hector Seichoko and the whole Nka Modira crew! Ke sa lebale S’gogo wa me Mpe Lebona le my entire family ko Magogong
Lastly kere ke lebogela modimo a be a mphile this 2 guys in my music life, they dont sleep and they make sure i release only hits Mpho Makape and Tronix wa Lefatshe and forgeting the one who created me in this Hip Hop thing Malome wa me eleng Tebogo Lebona
Any Funny or embarrassing moments you like to share with us?
Ke tshaba dikgomo ko Rustenburg LoL
Drop it like it hot Tsotso
Mc Tsotso, they Godfather Aka short madala/
Set with this bars ke starring ka kgerisa/
One with the bars chuck Norris ka lyrics/
Satan o maaka ke mosetlha ka ditlhaka/
Batlogele baithantsa di S.A.M.A tse ke tsaka/

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