October 30, 2021

"Cape Town is the Birth place of S.A. Hip hop" | Rapper "Overdose" tells the Difference between Cpt & Jozi Hip hop

Overdose is a Cape Town based Rapper, producer and songwriter that worked with the likes of the legendary wordsmith Isaac Mutant, The Gatecrashers (one of Hout Bay’s best music group), K.A.K, and a long list of other well-known musicians and beatmakers around his hometown in the Mother City. He worked on his solo album with the genius producer Ralph Munashe also known as DJ Universe where so many activities took place on that project.

When did you realize that you can Rap?

Ever since primary school, i was placed in school plays and asked to perform, hip hop being the central theme.

If you were not a Rapper, What would you be?

Same as now, a mxfckin hustler ??.

What is the Difference between Cape Town Hip hop compared to other SA Provinces?

Cape town is the birth place of S.A. hip hop, and still very much connected to that under ground sound, unlike jozi whos sound is very much commercial.

How is the response from Friends and Family towards your Music Career?

You get day ones and get non believers, i really dont give a fxck who thinks what tho, i just keep pushing.

Overdose... What is the Story behind this Stage name?


What is one thing that people think you are which you are actually not?

Unapproachable ?


If You were to Change one thing about Hip hop around yourhood, what would it be and why?

Nothing! Everyone needs to forge their own way, i aint about that heal the world shxt.

In Few years to come, where will Overdose be?

Continuing stacking that paper.

What makes the Best Rapper in Your Opinion?

There is no such thing, different folks, different strokes, i do how ever appreciate solidly layered multi syllabaic rhymes, coupled with metaphors, and hard hitting punch lines.


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Facebook - Marcel Immortal Phoenix Delcarme

Instagram - @Ovadose2627


Shout Outs

To everyone that truly has my back, albeit a hand full... pagamieza en $aloot ????

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