October 27, 2023

Castro 0405 Drops a hit Song - UNGAN TEKI CHEAP | He wrote cos he felt Undermined

Tzaneen Rapper and Song Writer Drops a song - “Ungan teki Cheap” on digital platforms

“I Wrote this song Because I Felt Undermined / Underestimated As A Person and as a Rapper, So I Made This Records To Prove People Wrong And Let Them Know That Even If You Undermine / Underestimate I Can Still Make It

It Took me a few months to make this record as I was struggling to find a good beat for it, Until AmmuShingzBeatz Gave me A Beat

I Worked With AmmuShingzBeatz Both On The Production & Marketing of that song before it drops

Artist : Castro 0405
Writer : Castro Rikhotso
Producer : AmmuShingzBeatz
Label : Rolling Cartel

Follow Castro 0405 On:

Facebook : Castro 0405
Instagram : @castrorikhotso
Twitter : Castro0405_

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