March 24, 2022

Chavani Rapper Smaddy Wend shares The Good and Bad thing about Hip Hop around His Hood | "Hi" EP + More

Smaddy Wend is a South African Rapper and Songwriter. Muhlanga Nel is Smaddy's government name and was born in Limpopo, Chavani Village. He is well know as Smaddy Wend for contributing in the Hip Hop music industry as a rapper.


What is the good and the Bad thing about Hip hop around your hood?
The good thing about Hip Hop in my hood is that it is violence free from gangster lifestyles and drive by’s. Unlike in the United States. Basically doing Hip Hop music is a peaceful way for me to share my experiences throughout the hood lyrically to those willing to listen.

The bad thing about Hip Hop in the hood is that, I make my music using English. This becomes a challenge because not all folks in the hood are willing to listen to a Tsonga boy rap in English. As such, this doesn't give me the recognition that I need to upgrade my numbering status, which means that I am left at disadvantage not to be heard both out here and out there.


What achievements have you had so far through Hip hop?
My achievements so far would be the fact that I've met a lot of passionate people who are very found in the Hip Hop music or music in general who have thought me a lot of ways to keep my talent above the water and breathing. So that was the only achievement I had, I'd say I am fortunate to have met Rap Type Mag to give me this opportunity to put my identity out there. I believe through such, I can finally put my music out there and for that I am grateful to Jay.

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What makes a good Rapper according to your opinion and experiences?
A good rapper must be influential. I believe that music in general has a great impact on the environment in ears of all who listen to it. So I believe that a rapper who makes music which is motivational and not deceiving to the ears of listeners does belong in the category of a good rapper. Because out here you hear a lot of rappers rap about money, fame, power, girls & all that life. That life is just for the media, it is never a solution to a depressed person out there. Instead such talk is discouraging to people who been working hard all their lives only to hear you talk about how you make a R100k and blow it on chains and drugs. Instead I believe a good rapper has to be a great role model to his/her friends.


What is the Motive behind most of your writing?(especially your latest EP "Hi"
Most of my writings are motivated by situations I find myself in. That's the only way I know how to express my feelings, I write. And I possibly write lyrics everyday, three or more lyrics a day. And I do that without a beat.
About my last "Hi” EP project, I only had handouts beats which I had to write upon. Most of the beats were Trap, I myself am a rapper, not a trapper. I found this really challenging, but I tried to keep out writing a few inspirational songs in there. And I wrote them looking at the behaviour of mankind in these times.

Smaddy Wend... what is the story behind this stage name?
Oh? Damn! That's crazy! I never hoped to get to this. Basically Smaddy Wend came from my nickname "Smattie" so I had this nickname cause of my brains at the young age and my love of cartoons. When I got old and started playing basketball in Makhado, I had fellas change that name from "Smattie" into "Smaddy" because they believed that was more manly. At that time I had this other girl I was dating, her name is Wendy, so we were madly in love back then and she suggested the name "Smaddy Wend" as a combination of Smaddy & Wendy, but she didn't use Wendy cause it is a girls name. I liked the name, so I pushed it. And even though the girl and I went our separate ways, I decided not to change it. That was just a sign of peace between us.


How is the response from your family and friends towards your music craft?
Well, everybody has no reason to contradict my passion for music. Both my parents are okay with it, they supportive. And as far as the rest of the family is concerned, I am not quite sure where they stand. They never been against me making music. I believe I have all the freedom I have to making music. And that is great because this the only way how I know how to express my emotions.


Who do you wish to work with around your hood that you've never worked with before and why?
Around my hood I already have worked with Manotry, Lester Mathews, JuicyKiller and Young OG Xvi. As far as working with people in my hood is concerned I have achieved that and I'm very proud that I worked that hard for people to actually be open to work with me.

What mistakes would you say most upcoming artists do that makes them not to have breakthrough in the music world?
I think making irrelevant music. This comes as making music that is popping at a certain time. That makes people question if you really know yourself. You'll find upcoming artists making music faking their lyrics and this is bad because once people see you they take you for a faker. Thus this messes up your dignity. I'd advise that if you're a musician, focus on your side of passion of the music you make. Do not get under pressure because of the wave of music people are making. Never change your passion to impress.


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Shout Outs
I'd like to send my shout outs to my parents, tell them they'll always see me putting my work out there. I am grateful for their support. And I'd also like to send a shout out to my fans, thank you for believing in me. I am to you, what you are to me.

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