March 30, 2019

CHRIS BURTON Releases “What Sucks About Love” feat. Tory Lanez

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We were out celebrating the release of my debut single “Love Letters” when we got the verse from Tony Lanez. I was thinking ” Is this for real?”. It was surreal to hear him rapping on one of my songs. Totally insane! I told one of my best friends: ”So, I have a track with Tory Lanez...”, Just saying it out loud was crazy. Beyond!
These are the words of 16-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Chris Burton when he describes his collaboration with Canadian Grammy-nominee Tory Lanez coming to life.
”What Sucks About Love” is the latest track for the Danish rising-star, and is a relateable anthem about both being in love and being young. The song explores what it feels like to go through life without experience, and is the second single from a number of tracks to be released by Chris Burton in 2019, a period of time he describes as his ”Teenage Poetry Era”.
Chris dreams about making a difference with his music, and “What Sucks About Love” is no exception:
”I hope people can relate to the feelings I describe in the song. One of my biggest wishes is to make songs that get to people and make them feel something. I hope this is one of those songs.”
”What Sucks About Love” combines urban pop with skillful production and follows Chris Burton’s debut single “Love Letters”, which has already amassed nearly 3 million global streams. Since its release, “Love Letters” has remained in the Top 100 in Denmark, peaking at #26.
Recently, Chris Burton supported UK shooting star HRVY in Denmark and Sweden, and is touring with domestic superstars Christopher, Rasmus Seebach and Burhan G in Denmark. Additionally, he is playing the prestigious industry festival SPOT later this year.

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