November 7, 2020

Craig Drops another Single - Elijah

After releasing his EP "CRAIG", Followed by his Single "Still", Singer and songwriter Craig comes back with another hit - Elijah
Craig is calling out to Elijah the Prophet, he feels like they relate... at one point during his life, Elijah felt "suicidal" but not necessarily just having the desire to die... he just wanted some peace.
Tired of running, the fear, the depression... the challenges.
When Craig wrote this song, he was at his lowest, he still is... "I regularly think about just ending it. I just hold on for the sake of my family and friends... I don't want to hurt them. So like God sent a chariot of fire for Elijah, not death... just pulled him out this bitch... I'd like for him to do me a solid, save me.. unless he doesn't think I'm worthy of saving"
Craig worked with his producer PsyKick to make this song a success.
He dedicates it to everyone out there who might be at their lowest point in their lives, encouraging them to stay strong as we all should.
Stream Elijah on the links below


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