April 25, 2017

Dala FAM's Interview

Dala FAM is a musician whose been making music for some time. He's a versatile rapper hose capable of jumping on any song for as long as its logical. Dala FAM was born and raised at Waterval Section A in Limpopo and aims to put his hood on the map.
What got Dala FAM into Hip Hop?
My passion for writing got me into Hip Hop. I was addicted to poetry in high school. That's how it all began.
What makes Dala FAM Different from other hip hop artists?
My versatility. My ability to create my own sound and being capable of adapting to different genres.
Who have you worked with on your projects?

DJ HopeStar. Cliff Beats. Ashley. Tweezy. Mash Sarila. Mizo Phyll. P-Post (Percy Mukwevho). VonG C. Kulani. DopeKid SheWacher and many more. I'm looking forward to working on more collaborations. I'd like to see myself working with Kwesta or Areece in the near future.
What's the Motive behind your tracks? (Especially the latest)

My songs express my daily life. What you hear in my music is what you get in reality.
One Word to describe Dala FAM?
Do you think Mzansi Hip hop is losing direction or it is on point?
Our Hip Hop is on point currently. I feel like we are on the right track.
Where do we find your tunes and updates?
Facebook: Dala Fam
Twitter: @Dala_FAM
Instagram: dalafam
Music Web: http://audiomack.com/artist/dala-fam-1
Word of motivation?
Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Its within reach. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Shout outs to?
Nu Skool Rap Entertainment. Shout Out to the whole Squad.
(Bonus) What nick name given to you that you didn't like at all during your childhood?
Drop it like it's hot Dala...
"We are so far from failing/
We talk numbers with corporates/
after that we get faded/ Let's get wasted/
Please tell my momma I made it/
Seal the deal and thank the Lord/
Get that Cliff Beat and we lace it/
Engrave it/
Its your dream, keep chasing/
If your heart speaks, listen/
It don't matter where your head is/
Celebrate it"

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