January 8, 2018

Dj HopeStar - A lot of Money (Lyrics)

Artist: DjHopeStar ⭐
Title: A lot of Money?
I just want a lot , a lot of money
In my bank, my bank account
I just want a lot , a lot of money
In my bank, my bank account
I need a lot of money i got stack it up
Eiffel tower when i get my balance up
I need some fast cars switching lanes
Motorsport ice on my chain
Get myself in trouble i got the money blame
House on the hills looking way too good to me
Counting up this money now Im making history
She want in on the vip we gon need some id
Beats on point you can't find no one like me
Im on one im balling im getting paid
Im on one cant count all this cash i made
I spend all my time tryna get to where i am
Now these people they all call me the man
Things ain't gon be the same
I already got the fame
I'm winning now
I need a hundred thou
I just want it all
Im never gonna fall
So i just.

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