September 21, 2016

DJ HopeStar’s Interview

DJ HopeStar’s Interview
Dj Hopestar is a music producer who runs a Music production called StarNation. He owns a studio and is also a rap artist, a dancer and also interested in acting. Music is Dj Hopestar's career, he is dedicated to it and he's Grateful to his God for giving him such gift and knowledge to understand music in an amazing way
Why hip hop?
I don't do only hip-Hop, when it comes to producing, I’m all in one. I can produce all music genres, e.g.: electro, dupstep, house, rnb, hip-Hop, reggae, pop and many more.
Motive behind your Scripts?
What can i say man? It goes back then you know hip hop is a way in lot of things. it's a way that you can tell a story that you can run away from pain through hip hop music, expressing myself, whether it's joy, love or pain. I take it out all in music, especially hip hop. It just goes with what i feel. It's like I'm the input and hip hop is the output to what i feel....
Local vs International Hip hop?
Well what can I say man? It all strikes international hip-Hop. International hip-Hop is what i mostly do, then SA hip-Hop. Although I do all types of beats but international hip-Hop is number one. I t got me known by top artist around the world, I have people like Jay z following me on Twitter and he's the one who followed me first, and a lot of well-known music producers and music managers following me. I’m just waiting to finish exams then I will strike and talk to all these persons. Maybe 2 or 3 will help, I do sell my beats via internet and people show me support and buy
So who intimidates you in the industry?
Artists who succeeded young; Justice, Martin, One direction. Those are the teens who intimidate me and they are living their dreams. I’m getting there as well. My song turning 18

is being played on radios like Capricorn FM, Hlaganani FM and to top it off, it's on stores, iTunes, Amazon and many more well-known stores
DJ HopeStar vs Ntshembo?
Yeah, Ntshembo is not a rapper, he's a like a normal person but Dj HopeStar, damn that's a guy that is full of fun, who wants to do full time in music, who wants to be heard through music
Hip hop vs church?
In my opinion Hip-Hop is not against church. People just use words that describe church and make it look like Hip hop is against Church. Hip-Hop is a free genre, it covers everyone, and it just has different branches. Just like churches these days, you'll find churches that are against God’s word
Who have you worked with in some of your projects?
I've collaborated with this guy from USA, one of his songs is called “Chained up”. He's a pretty well-known guy in USA and other countries that side but this side I’m not really sure if people know him. I’ve also worked with these other guys, I forgot their names. I found them on Twitter and soundcloud, I started chatting and collaborating with them,

I’m now working on another beat that i have to rap with someone from UK.
One word to describe DJ HopeStar
Creative. This guy is so creative, the way he does his music, wow. God gave Dj HopeStar that gift and he's using it, not wasting. Dj HopeStar is Creative
Any updates about Dj HopeStar?
There is an EP coming soon that is gonna be out probably in October, I’m not sure about the date yet, also a performance at Elim, Clemor’s concert and HTD Music production’s concert. They are all in December. Some dope tracks coming from my EP, so you better be ready to turn up in December
Any motivational message to someone who wishes to be like HopeStar?
To stay focused at the particular goal a person wants to achieve. One thing at a time, to not think of hosting an event next week and before hosting, you already planning the next one, no. First try to perfect your first event, then see the mistakes and fix them as you plan for your next. Focusing in one goal at a time.
Drop it like it’s hot
I ain't gonna smoke i ain't from West coast,
It's all love where we come from,
In the hood love we were told to run from,
Crack got so many lives undone,
Hoping it'd become one,
A child is born with no state of mind,
Blind to ways of mankind
®®® End! ®® Story by Jabulani

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