August 11, 2018

Dj HopeStar's "You Feel Me" EP Available on SoundCloud


IMG 20180704 WA0000
Dj HopeStar dropped his EP entitled You Feel Me on the 3rd of August 2018,
The EP is doing great so far and features great tracks like:

  1. EP Intro.mp3
  2. Ungani Fananisi
  3. Over
  4. In The Back
  5. For My Mama
  6. A Lot Of Money
  7. Up Late
  8. With HopeStar
  9. Be Together
  10. SOLO
  11. High
  12. What's Your Name
  13. Tommorow

The Link Below takes you to Dj HopeStar's EP on SoundCloud
Stream/ download and share with friends.
????Relax and listen to good music. #youfeelme #DJHopeStar #EP

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