January 5, 2019

Download Moral Da Prince - NaNa

IMG 20190104 WA0001
Moral DA Prince 's latest single (NaNa) is one of the good vibes tracks,one of those party tracks
The single was recorded during the festive (21/12/2018) I released this track as a gift to everyone as we were during the festive season where everyone was hyped up and want to turn up all the way
The track track got an airplay at VOT FM 87.6 on its first day of release
"I would like to describe this hot tune as a "New Street Anthem" ,everyone loves the track everywhere I play/perform it people turn to sing along
It's music Video will be out soon just keep in touch and like my Facebook page"
Facebook page: Twolani Da Prince
YouTube: Moral DaPrince
The New Street Anthem is here ??

click on the link below to Download and Listen
Moral Da Prince_NaNa (Prod :Em_One)

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