August 3, 2020

Durban Rapper OB Magik Aims to Reach beyond the Horizon through His Upcoming EP "The Blue Pill"

OB Magik is a well known multi -talented music producer and rapper in his community.
Born and raised in Durban, OB magik is a sensational creator that is yet to make his mark in the Entertainment industry.
His musical talents was brought into light in his early primary / high school years; being influenced by hip hop legends such as Tupac, Eminem and Dr Dre. OB Magik is a self taught music producer, who has cultivated his talent and skills over the past 12 years
If You were not a Rapper, what would you be?
I’d probably be a Doctor, doing plastic surgery was my dream growing up. Hip hop messed all of that up lol
What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop music in your hood according to your experiences?
The good and bad thing about hip hop music is that we can tune into it in many different forms, like when we turning up in the hood we know which playlist to go for, when we feeling down and when young kids want to do bad things they get motivated by some of these songs too.
You've done quite a lot of activities in your musical journey, which one would you say gave you the big break?
2016 when I was in a competition “My Connect”, being part of that competition taught me more than just being competitive but how to engage with people.
I learnt what people really want to hear on a song. During the competition I performed at the Hip Hop Festival hosted at Mabida Fan Park, That brought a lot of supporters.
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What makes a Good Rapper in your opinion?
If there’s Rhythm And Poetry in it I am sold. We can write songs about a lot of things but it comes a time where you have to tell your story, it matters how you tell it.
Your Upcoming EP "The Blue Pill"... what are your expectations from it compared to your previous projects?
I’m expecting this EP to shoot me sky high hahah, just so if I fall I land on the highest mountain lol. With the team I have behind me I am certain that this EP will put OB Magik on the map
How is the response from the family and friends towards your music journey?
At the beginning at home it wasn’t easy hey, I guess in most of our parents it is still hard for them to believe that your can make it in music. But it’s different now, they down for me for days. My friends been feeling the kid, since high school lol
What is one mistake would you say Upcoming Rappers do that delays their Breakthrough?
Sleeping on themselves, paper work, song registrations, paying for a good mix, all of those things are easy but very hard for us to do specially the music registration. I believe once I know my song is properly registered and I’m a full member at SAMRO, RISA, CAPASSO etc, I’d even cross night at radio station for my song to be played lol just kidding but I think they get my point
How is the Covid-19 Lockdown affecting your Music Career?
Having us Locked down like this kind of opened doors for me in a way because everyone is on their phones, there’s online cyphers like the KZN Lockdown Cypher hosted by Zakwe, I got an opportunity to be part of that. I just sat down with Thendric Entertainment to help with my career, B.H.A called me up and said here’s Phalameezy studios let’s put in work. Things came out positive for my career during this Lockdown.
A lot of Musicians suffers from "Being robbed/used by Record Labels" would you say this is true or Artists just don't read contracts well?
I feel like it’s the contracts, I don’t know if they don’t read them proper or the contracts as well are difficult to read, maybe getting a lawyer is hard too I just don’t know hey, but I know if we’ve agreed 50/50% then it should stick to that, it would be a bad thing if the label gives me 30% on the low lol
OB Magik... What's the Story behind this Stage Name?
OB came from my name and surname (mnq’OB’i ngc’OB’o) it’s crazy I know lol, I don’t know which planet I was on coming up with all of that. Magik came from magic so basically what I do is so clean it’s like magic, unbelievable hahaha.
Shout Outs
I want to send a shout out to my team at Thendric Entertainment, Phalameezy Entertainment, my music video direction at Somia Media, my truest supporters and my family. I’m doing all of this for y’all

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