July 20, 2023

Dusty Loola & Mag Present: Bafana Ba Maths - Limpopo Rappers aim to Solve Mzansi Hip hop Equations


Bafana Ba Maths is a South African musical duo consisting of two Limpopo born brothers, Mag (Polokwane) and Dusty Loola (Mokopane). The pair found an affinity in their musical tastes through their prior collaborations as solo acts on their respective projects, which led to this combination.

Highly influenced by the African samples and punching melodic raps, the duo is looking to bring a new mixture of sound, lingo, style and approach that will see this proudly South African sound on the world stage.

Fusing Hip Hop with Kwaito and cultural elements to bring that real nostalgic feeling to your ear is what Bafana Ba Maths are all about!!

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Whats the story behind the name of this Duo… “Bafana ba Maths”?

- It's always interesting to answer this question because people think there's a very deep meaning behind our name, which is funny. We are the "Mathematician Boys", we put one plus one together and solved our problems. When we got together we saw our gifts multiply. That's the formula!! That's what the name stands for. One plus one ke Mmetse!


Which song received a lot of love from fans in this Duo?

- Honestly, at this moment it is the aesthetics which is getting the fans more excited... Mainly because we have not released any music yet. So the fans are enjoying the visual content on our socials, as well as performances and our style of drip.


Are you guys only dropping singles or also working on an EP?

- We are currently just pushing singles. We do have more music recorded, and still recording more, however we do not want to rush a project.

What do Fans love most about Bafana ba Maths?

- Bafana Ba Maths is like a dream come true... It's a balance of many things and the fact that we are inclusive in our music, we cater for everybody. We also have a sound that's very ear candy and enjoyable.


What do you guys write about in most of your songs and why?

- We write about real life stories. Issues that an everyday person goes through on a daily. We always want to make sure that our music is relatable. Our purpose is to create a playlist for your every mood.


What makes the Crew strong according to your experiences and opinions?

- The fact that we know why we are together, the Bigger Picture. Understanding your role in the crew is also one of the most important elements. And obviously respect. Respecting one another and the work.


Where can people get your music?

- Our music will be available on all major digital streaming platforms and our website, which we will launch soon.


Few years to come, where will Bafana ba Maths be?

- Hopefully still going strong, grown and exploring bigger and better avenues.



Who are the brands or big names have you worked or collaborated with in this journey of music as Bafana ba Maths?

- We are currently in collaboration with an amazing platform called "The Climb Up" which handles our content, management and interests. We have a partnership with "Syde Ero" apparel.

Follow Bafana ba Maths On:

Facebook - Bafana Ba Maths

Instagram - @bafanabamaths

Twitter - @BafanaBaMaths

Shout Outs

- Shout out to all the Mathematicians (our fans), our housing La Familie Records, shout out to Raw Raised Visuals, Azul Beatz for the production and DJ, Phuthega Traveling Solutions for transportation, Mohlakanyo, Afrimabona,The Climbers, Menyonyo TV, Limpopo, and most of all God, shout out to God.

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