July 6, 2018

EmcStyle SA Drops a hit "Ghetto"

Artist: EmcStyle SA
Tittle: Ghetto
Produced by: GrooTman
Mixed n Mastered by: EmcStyle SA
IMG 20180705 WA0003
"In the song I am trying to explain how disadvantaged we are in Limpopo when it comes to success,
It is everyman for himself, people who have the means stay away from those that they could've helped achieve what they achieved.
Sometimes I look into my journey of music and think "could this all be for nothing?", "Could I have invested so much time to discover that I have no future in it?",
I always pray and ask God to tell me if the journey I am making is worthwhile"
Click the image below to get the track
IMG 20180705 WA0003

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