March 7, 2019

Family and Friends Come Together to Launch The Late Nxck Saint's Mixtape "The Influence"

Sometimes the death of an artist marks not just the end of a creative mind but the beginning of a legend in song.

The late Nxck Saint was a super talented and determined upcoming artist, who has shared the stage in his past performances with Nasty C and Kid X, while he was determined to reach his dreams of being a well-known influential hip hop artist in his young life.

He passed away in May 2018. He was planning to release his debut mixtape early last year as he was completely done with all recordings and artwork for this project, but unfortunately - the inevitable happened. He never got the chance to release it, due to him getting sick, as he was in & out of hospital. It was a really hard & heart-breaking situation to witness. A young boy losing his life at the age of 22, to a condition called 'pulmonary embolism' – which has to do with a clot forming in the lung. A boy who had so much potential, drive & focus. He was determined to succeed in this music game. His real name
was Nicholas Mafate & the mixtape is called "The Influence".

Nxck Saint Pic 2

For an artist as prolific and ambitious as Nxck Saint, with a future as promising but so tragically cut short, it would seem like an insult to his ambitious spirit to shut his work away. So the record label he was signed to called Running Paperworks, together with the help of his sister have decided to posthumously release his mixtape on Saturday the 9th of March 2019, on his supposedly 23rd birthday and to top it off, there will be a release launch held in honour of the deceased artist.
All of this for the boy’s legacy, as most of his supporters & fans really believed in his talent, calling him the “Master lyricist”.

The launch will be held at The Republic of 94 in Braamfontein.
Nxck Saint left behind an overwhelming amount of good recordings, and the public can get to discover his music. His musical inspiration came from boom bap culture and from old school artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G as well as Kendrick Lamar and Proverb to mention a few.

Now the aim & message we would like to spread to the youth at large in honour of Nxck Saint through this project is that, “they should push and work on their dreams and talents while they are still young and alive, because time is like a ticking bomb. You never know when your last moment on earth will be.

”Everyone who has a love for music can come through to the release launch party for some heartfelt inspiration & fun, of course.

Nxck Saint pic1

“All Saint ever wanted, was for his music to be heard & wide spread.
The boy was ready for the world. It pains me to know that he will never get to live his dream, but as his big sister & best friend I'd like to at least finish off his projects & for the nation if not the world to
hear his talent. I owe him that much. He and I shared a dream, and this was part of it.” Says Mandi, his sister.

The Influence mixtape consists of 13 tracks, all of which are titled “The Influence of…… (Subtitles- of a Woman, of Love, of Family, of Conflict, of Hate, of Pain, of Drugs, of Balance, of Education, of Determination, of, of Money, including the intro and the outro).”

All will be found on a variety of digital platforms once released.

*Below are the links to his Online profiles for your further perusal:

Facebook Page:
Soundcloud profile=

*Below is a link to the “Of Education” track, which was released as a taste to the upcoming full house for the mixtape. Released last year before his passing:

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