January 29, 2023

Fans go Crazy over Canicee’s - Tsonga Trap Star EP | Available on Musical Platforms

Tsonga Trap Star… what’s the motive behind this Album name?

I have released Two Ep’s, in 2021 and 2022. On both Ep’s I was still trying to find myself & sound, in the process of that people developed a lot of interest in Tsonga hip hop since i was introducing the new sound /style . A lot of people been doing Trap music but not in Tsonga, with me trapping in Tsonga, I got the name “TsongaTrapStar” from the late (DJ Citylights), So in the process of working on this Album I decided since this is my first ever Album & am going fully in Trap then let me name it “Tsonga Trap star “ as introduction of what I do .


If you were to name your EP using one of your track’s title, which track would it be and why that track?

I wouldn’t really Title the Album based on One song as they usually do , For me every song in the Album has its own vibe & I wrote or rather recorded each of them while I was in a different space interms of state of mind hence each song hits different . I don’t really name the whole project based on a name of the song even my previous Ep’s the name has the meaning that covers almost each & every song in there.


How long did it take to complete the whole Album from A to Z?

Approximately 6 months.

Track list/ Back Artwork
Track list/ Back Artwork

The whole Album you only had 3 artists Featured (Mahlatse, SickGodfrey & Simefree) How was the experience working with them?

It was quite amazing since they are all not just Artists & producers but also people I know personally, we have relationship so it was quite awesome & simple for me to reach out , and all of them know exactly the type of sound I do or rather like hence they jumped in immediately.

What can the fans expect from This hot EP?

As we just dropped now (28/01/2023), this year we going to be dropping two videos a month until the end of the year, so I promise my supporters more content & maybe I will consider releasing singles we will see as the year goes.


Are you panning to do remixes on any of the tracks on this EP?

No, it’s not part of the plan, but if I happen to be with the right people at the right place & we all consider doing that then I might.


Shout Outs

Shout out to everyone I worked with on the Album.
Kaizerbeatz, Sickgodfrey, Torenzo, Dippy Jays, Immortal Beatz, Riccomentals, Simefree & Nqabza

Mahlatse, Simefree, Sickgodfrey


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