November 16, 2023

Fans go Crazy over “Mbilu Rivalela” by Nebo SixFour ft Suju Maggz

It’s crazy how people reacted to this song where even kids went line to line rapping it after a few days of release

A song about a person, this can be any person; a friend, mother, colleague, neighbour… anyone

A person who was once very close to you, someone you used to go through a lot with… something you started something with

Then as life goes, things change Where this person finally makes it in life before you make it and get to work for big companies

So as a friend you are happy for that person that they made it.

So now that they made it, they no longer check on you

For that reason, your heart is painful and you have a lot of questions on why this person changed colors

You are now worried when you remember everything you guys went through before your things changed

You are happy that this person made it but your heart is somehow bitter
That’s why the song is called “Mbilu Rivalela”

“Awahani endzeli niku vona hi ti picture,
Awahani hleketi kuve ahi dzumba rize rixa,
Awahani endleli hinkwaswu leswi ungani tshembisa,
Mara Naku katekisa, Xikwembu xa swi tiva,
Anoku navelela leswo biyha,
Nilo biyha xikanda kambe mbilu ahiyo biyha,
Ko vava mbilu, hi vumina antaswi tshika

Tittle: Mbilu Rivalela

Artists: Nebo SixFour ft Suju Maggz
Production: Vinyi va Ndhawu

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