September 19, 2018

Feel The Taste of Amen Ra's Coming EP - I Am M.E! Rapper From Alex on another Level

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I am Thabiso "Amen Ra" Bokaba and I am an upcoming musician from Alexandra, just north of Joburg CBD.
I am currently working on my first project titled, I Am M.E EP.
The EP describes the life and times of Amen Ra, both good and bad experinces in this crazy environment we call Johannesburg.
It starts off very deep with the track, 1995(1985 RA'Mix), which is a reinterpreted version of J Cole's 1985. The song describes life through the eyes of a 23 year old black male, in a so called "democratic" country. It tackles a lot of racial issues bubbling up in our society at the moment and just describes what I see when I look at South Africa today.
The next 3 tracks are more mellow and focus more on the party lifestyle which is incorporated in every person's life, especially the youth. The songs mainly describe my experiences in the party scene and all it's ups and downs.
The song's Remedy(title track), It's Okay and Boko Haram all describe my experiences in defferent party scenes all over Johannesburg: North, East, West and South.
The last single I released off this upcoming EP is called No Money, which is another reinterpretation of J Cole's work, Mo Money.
With this EP I hope to introduce a different kind of rapper to not only South Africa but Africa as a whole. One who's style is very eclectic and can go from rapping about bitches and booze and a good time, to rapping about serious issues that people face on a day to day basis.
Which is the whole point of this EP, to show people that they are their environment, good and bad.

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