October 14, 2019

Female Rapper Lyrical Ninx Concerned Why other Female Rappers Sound like Nicki or Cardi?! New Music "Reality"

Ive always been one to write down my emotions and later discovered that i could put it to good use through poetry, which i did.
I was part of a christian spoken word poetry group called Poetic Gospel and we would occasionally arrange our own shows.
I turned some of my poetry into rap and it was amazing because i got my message accross clearly and since most people are into that genre of music, i figured more people would listen to my work and relate to it.
My stage name is Lyrical Ninx and the reason for the name is because my mind is always full of lyrics. I met my producer in 2012, his name is Joel Tabana and he is the one person that believed in me even when i didnt believe in myself.
I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be able to speak to people through music and to God for installing this gift within me.
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Who or what got You into hip hop? 

I started of with poetry which turned into rap so thats how i started rapping.
Who is your Main inspiration into this hip hop game?
Eminem, I love that guy because he's real and honest and Nicki Minaj because she writes her own stuff and that for me is very important
What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop as a female in SouthAfrica according to your experiences?
The good thing about hip hop as a female in South-Africa is that there's not really a lof of them so the one's that are there are paving the way for us and also showing us with hard work and dedication, females can rule the hip hop world.
The bad thing about it is that people always compare the female rappers to Nicki or Cardi which i feel is very wrong coz each rapper is different
What's your say about the title "Female Rapper" when you are a Lady but when it is a Guy... it is just a "Rapper"
Female rapper......for me,  it's cool. I honestly dont have a problem with it, infact i feel honoured when im being refered to as a female rapper.
How does Gender based Violence affect you as a Lady in the Rap industry? 
I would say guys always have the upper hand and women tend to sometimes feel inferior because of this. Gender based violence is a reality that we all have to face and i sincerely hope in time, it will change.
What is the motive behind your music? 
My motive behind  my music is mainly for people to be able to relate to it. When someone listens to my music, i want them to feel like they are not alone and that there's people out there who has been thru what they are going through.
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How is the response from Family and friends towards your music 
My support system is overwhelming. I get support from all sides and that for me, is a very big blessing.
Lyrical Ninx... What's the story behind this stage name?
The story behind the name Lyrical Ninx...is quite simple... my mind is full of lyrics all the time and that's where Lyrical come from and Ninx basically comes from my nickname Nina.
Shout Outs
I wanna send a shout-out to God, firstly. I am eternally grateful for this gift that ive been blessed with. Secondly, to my son, he is my biggest fan and my number one supporter. Than to my parents, thank you for believing in me, it means the world to have ur support all the way. To my brothers and sisters, thank u for always going out of ya'lls way to support me every single time. My husband, thank you for keeping up with the noise late at night as i work on my music and for ur input when i ask for it, it means alot to me and i appreciate it and lastly,  thank u to my producer,  Jay... thank u for never giving up on me, for putting in the extra hours to help me and for always encouraging me and comimg with new ideas. Thank you. And i wanna thank Rap type Mag for giving me this platform and this opportunity, i truly am thankful.
My social media handles are as follow:
Twitter: Lyrical_Ninx
Facebook: Lyrical Ninx
Youtube: Jeanine Lyrical Ninx

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