October 14, 2019

Filled with 18 great Tracks, Rapper KayGee XI Drops a Studio Album "Sincerely Yours Truly"

Zandspruit could easily be perceived as a shanty-town, with little hope for survival, but its young people are full of potential and yearn to make a difference – KatlegoKayGee XI’ Mau being one of those.
SINCERELY YOURS TRULY is KayGee XI’s first studio album, and is a very intimate body of work.
Released independently, the album contains a beautiful and honest collection of songs, straight from the heart.
Never afraid to write and make music about day to day life challenges that are common with a lot of
youth and young adults, SINCERELY YOURS TRULY came about after KayGee XI’s own experiences with depression and mental health issues, as well as conversations with peers around him who have experienced similar or relatable challenges. While detailing his challenges, as well as those of his close friendships in the album, KayGee XI’s optimistic and appreciative outlook on his life managed to create an empowering and uplifting album, full of hope and promise.
The album was recorded at Green Roots Entertainment studios in Cosmo City, where it was mixed and mastered by VeeBeats Exclusive, co-produced by Nate Africa, Obi Praise and Thando Ngcola. The
album is dominated by melodies and instrumentals that take the listener on a mental trip of self-discovery, pain, heartache and also happiness at the end of all the heartache.
“Writing the songs on this album was a way of me coping with everything that was going on around me. The songs are intense, but it’s not all a sad story. The first love, the first heartbreak, the first experience with depression and trying to cope with it, first time hearing a close friend has been dealing with pain caused through rape and other forms of abuse… all of those experiences moulded me and the album itself. Telling those stories knowing someone else will definitely relate and not feel alone in their struggles. The album is a gesture of hope and restoration.” KAYGEE XI
Prior to this, KayGee XI has released 2 mixtapes, ‘Deep in Ratchet Thoughts’ & ‘2040 The Luv & the Trap’, which served as his introduction to the music industry after his promising football career came to an end in 2014. He went on to release ‘Transitions EP’ in 2018 which gained him media attention, as well as catching the attention of UK based SA Hip Hop reactor, Madzie Superset. ‘Transitions’ earned him 2 nominations at the 2019 ‘011 Awards’ for Male Artist of the Year & Mixtape of the
The new album is a hallway into the personal experiences of KayGee XI, through him choosing to be vulnerable enough to allow himself to open up to the world and expose his inner most feelings and struggles.
SINCERELY YOURS TRULY" is an 18 track package of hope, love and overcoming of difficult challenges that everyone can relate to across all the borders of the world. It can be seen as the end of a long battle against mental health, and a start to a brand new chapter full of possibilities.”
For more information, contact:
Katlego Mau to [email protected]
Call : 061 657 2185 / 081 322 1117
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