January 3, 2024

Flash Cortez | South African Rapper / Producer | Biography

Flash Cortez (Real Name Kislev Ramanyimi) (born July 27, 2003, Limpopo, Elim, Waterval, South Africa), South African rapper, record producer, and songwriter who was known as the most talented and underrated artist during 2017-2022.

Flash Cortez had an unstable childhood, marked by poverty and many things that affected him. At the age of 17, he began rapping in various events around Elim, and that's when he started to be known by a few people in his hometown. As Flash Cortez, he made a name for himself in the hip-hop underground, both as solo artist and as a member of Black Ghost Records (also known as BGR). His first song, Dear Mama (2013), sold poorly. However, he continued to write more songs.

When Flash Cortez recorded 'I'm Back (2017)' in Mingard, he came to the attention of Dr Clipper & Flexion, founding members of Black Ghost Records. By that time, Flash had developed the persona of Kid Flash, who gave voice to Flash Cortez's ID in often fast rap and clean lyrics. With Dr Clipper as his mentor and Flexion as his producer, Flash Cortez released 'BGR, Hits Only, Real Damage, Going Up and December'. Benefiting from the support he got from his family and friends, he was nominated at the local awards.

In 2018, Flash Cortez released 'Faka Zaka', which blew up a little bit in Elim after it was certified that Flash Cortez might be the fastest rapper at Waterval. Flash Cortez does not have an album or an EP. He only worked on mutiple singles under On God Audio with Jaybeatz and Star-Hood (Blvck Kiddy). He also created his own underground label, R-CitY Rec. The Elim collective, Webster, Pamela, Amina Ray, and other artists signed to and released singles with the label.

Flash Cortez returned in 2020 with a freestyle and a song titled 'Feel Me', produced by King Vumbi, which proved to be nearly popular. From there, he did not release any song since he was busy with academics. In 2021, Flash Cortez came to the attention of Mr Makapeni, who welcomed him with warm hands. Under Mr Makapeni, Flash Cortez released 'Our Time, Wa' Me In, All I Know and Mission'.

Flash Cortez started getting known after he did a freestyle at Polokwane, Bolivia Lodge, during the SCSA (Save the Children) workshop.

In 2022, Flash Cortez released 2 snippets, which went viral (Together and Lil' Shawty). Afterward, he did an open verse challenge launched by Chezman, and he became the winner of the challenge. During the same month of celebration, Flash Cortez came to the attention of Dala Fam, founder of NuSkool Rap Ent. Dala Fam provided Flash Cortez with events, and that's when he started to grow musically. Flash Cortez and Dala Fam also worked on a single titled 'Winning', which has not yet been released.

Flash Cortez's single, Together, continued to go viral until it was replaced by 'Lil Shawty'. After some few months, Flash Cortez released 'Together' featuring Yung Cuss. In addition, Flash Cortez collaborated with Nebo SixFour and released 'Lil Shawty', which went viral since its release date until today.

And Now, Flash Cortez is well known in South Africa for the hit Phambili nge War

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