March 14, 2024

Free State Rapper - Jungle George talks the Good and Bad about Hip hop in his Hood (Lindley) | The Love from Fans | Predator in Paradise Mixtape + More

Jungle George is a Rapper, Song writer, record producer and Model from a small town called Lindley in the Free State and I am currently doing my final year at UFS studying for a Bachelors Degree in Teaching at Bloemfontein.

Who or what got you into hip hop?

I was introduced to hip hop by my older brother who is also a hip hop artist. He was a little bit hood famous for doing music where I am from. Everytime my brother and his friends were recording in the backroom, I would always be listening through the window or outside because I was fascinated by the process of making music. I started writing songs and producing from the age of 16 and I will never stop.

What is the good and the bad thing about being a Rapper around your hood?

The good thing about being a rapper for me is the satisfaction I get after finishing a song because at that moment everything feels alright. Also I love to connect and collab with other artists and share ideas to improve each other's craft. I feel like I can only get better as I practice and learn new things.

The bad thing about being a rapper is the bullying you get from people because some of them think we are playing and will never become famous or successful in the music industry.

What is this one song that made a lot of people to know or love Jungle George?

The time I really got a lot of love from fans for the first time was when I released my first Mixtape back in 2022 called "Predator in Paradise" on Audiomac which got over 500+ plays.

How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?

When I first started, it was hard for friends and family to accept that I was doing music because I was not that good, but when I got covered by "G Cover Magazine" in 2020 for their artist on the rise edition which also covered a lot famous artists right now, they started believing in me.

Jungle George… what’s the story behind this stage name?

George is my actual middle name and where I come from we like to say that the hood or where we live is a jungle, so they used to call me "George of the Jungle", then I twisted it to Jungle George.

What is this one thing you wish to change about Hip hop in SA?

The lack of access to opportunities in the industry. There are a lot of really talented artists out here but there are not enough platforms.

What do you Love Most about your fans when you are on stage?

I don't mean to brag but I think my fans are the best, because they are always engaged when I perform they will sing along, scream and do nothing but show love to me so I appreciate them all. 🙏

Shout Outs

I would like to send a shout to my future self who is rich and successful in the music industry that I am on my way to. 🏃😂

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