May 11, 2018

From Lusikisiki With No Mercy; Jainz Pops out

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I’m just a guy like other people; I come from Eastern Cape in a small town Lusikisiki. I started doing music few years ago i think it was on 2010.
Why hip hop?
When I was young, I used to listen to The Game and 2pac’s (Makhaveli) songs and i got inspired. Then started to write my own Hip hop lines
If you weren’t in Hip hop, what would you do?
If it was not into music, I’d be doing upholstery
Other Artists Worked with?
The great artist i have worked with its Ajax at the moment no one else.
How is the experience of being signed under Lay Swagga Records?
An experience of being singed under Lay Swagga records is amazing, being there makes me to realise what i want.
You’ve just released a hit, No Mercy (prod by Cyber Beats), what is the motive behind the track and how has it been working with Cyber Beats?
Yeah, the track is about what i have gone through, it values me, I have been working with Cyber Beats as my producer. This is how the song No Mercy came out; I was rehearsing the song just drafting, then Cyber Beats just came out with the beat and that was it
One word to describe Jainz?
The Great kid
What changes will Jainz bring to the Rap Hip hop industry in the near future?
I can change how people think and make them have faith on what they willing for.
Follow Jainz on:
Facebook: Jainz Ntax
Twitter:  @Jainz
If they want to know more and have more of my work they can get them on online stores and the video i have just uploaded on YouTube.
Word of Motivation
Keep your mind focused, music needs a person who is always on a spot.
Shout outs!
Shout out to Ajax the founder of Lay Swagga records and Onke sitwayi my guy from Mtata

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