May 14, 2018

From the dusty streets of Kasi to living his dream‬, J-killer Proves it's Possible

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Jeremiah “J-Killer” Matlawe Mvinjelwa, a talented rapper, song writer, performer and recording artist born on the 09th of September 1994 in Kagiso, Krugersdorp.
J-killer is the second born of six boys and two girls.
From a poor background J-killer was raised by a single mother together with his siblings, he later moved to Klipfontein to live with his father and other siblings.
J-killer is half Tswana and half Xhosa. He loves to explore, he’s a good listener and a hard worker.
He believes in higher power that doesn’t fall under any race or religion.
With the influence from a soccer star, J-killer was encouraged by his father to play soccer, during that time he mixed with boys from different backgrounds and that made him join a dance crew dancing “Isibhujwa”.
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He realized his music calling in 2008. He started writing songs until 2010 when he first set his foot in the studio booth.
Jeremiah got the name J-killer from his friends; they say he sounds like he is killing someone or something when he recites his lyrics due to the energy and expression that he gives.
J-killer’s style of rapping is influenced by artists such as: Tyga, Ab-soul, Prokid, Eminem and The game.
J-killer was groomed by Mandrie Baloyi who mentored him in his music career.
She taught him a lot about the music industry, like how to engage the crowd when he’s on stage, how to find tune.
She also encouraged him to have his own signature and style as a musician, that’s an important attribute in the industry that is flooded with upcoming artists.
She helped him to get a record deal with some of the established recording companies but unfortunately due to internal issues, therefore they never got the opportunity to record an album.
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In 2014 J-killer joined forces with Crazy Distractors and they released an Album of 12 tracks “Kushubile” under Prozone Records owned by Mandrie Baloyi in Tembisa. J-killer then decided to go solo after that project.
In 2015 he was signed by Masana Records in Soweto on a four month contract but his album could not be released due to lack of resources.
In 2016 he was working with Record Straight Records but he didn’t sign any documents with them.
2017 J-Killer decided to be an independent hip-hop artist and has achieved a lot in the industry. 2014 he shared a stage with Naakmusiq and Smallz Money Maker during the Smallza money maker birth day celebration.
In 2015 he shared the stage with DJ Shimza’s chamber music during the Vw Show,
On the 20th of September 2015 he shared a stage with Zakwe when he was launched the “Impanda album” featuring Siya Shezi, Big Zulu on the stage at Leondale Phumula Shisa Nyama.
J-killer has collaborated with a jazz artist Shantel Semenya, he wrote lyrics for two tracks “See me coming” and “You let me down”.
He also collaborated with Smokey aka Dollar on the track “Call YNND” which was released on datafilehost and had over 15k downloads in one week.
Early 2017 he released a hit single entitle Way Up
J-killer believes that with the talent and passion he has for music, the constant motivation and support from his family, he is still to reach even greater heights within the industry.
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Word on the street is that the hard-hitting Ep entitled “Deeper than You Know” is what the best up-coming Trouble Rapper J-killer is busy with in the studio, preparing for release in the next coming months, the release date will be announced soon.
There’s even talk of a potential (They Thought I was finished) track to be included on the EP.
The world of hip-hop might seem like a difficult point of entry to challenge queer stereotypes, but a new wave of artists are claiming their place in the world of bling with genres like hip hop homocore music.
This artist has brought his own brand without any help from music companies or an investors, he’s on his own battles on his own movements  Dropping words like ‘Amir obe’, ‘Tory Lance , ‘Sjava SA, etc.
J-killer his now an independent artist after resigning from the company that he was signed under for 3 years.
He is now working on the EP mentioned earlier after the dope single Release entitled Don't lie That went viral on the Street of Pretoria including Johannesburg.
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Follow J-Killer on:
Facebook: J-killer
Instagram: @jkiller_m
Twitter: @jkiller_m
For bookings: [email protected]
From the dusty streets of kasi to living his dream, J-killer is from Tembisa just outside Midrand who actually had a dream of making it big in the entertainment industry. He started his hustle ekasi, with a group of friends and later on went solo. That was a break -through for him, through his first single that went big (Ngiyasebenza) that was followed by "Way up" that also made waves in the rap industry.
Music is not the only thing  he's determined to do, he has an agency “Ubuntu Models” that gives youth a chance to showcase their talents, so it’s not only about making himself succeed but also opening opportunities for youth to grow with.
Be ready for J-Killer’s hot EP because he is about to give the industry a run for their money

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