April 10, 2018

Goitse Mystro Unleashing the Hammanskraal Mode to the Hip hop Game

Goitsemang Aphane ,also known as G-man ,Star-G or Goitse Mystro was Born and raised in North West province until the 9th grade ,he then moved to Hammanskraal in 2010. "I Always had a passion for music from an early age but didn't know what to do with it until I realized that it is actually one of the talents that I possess." He said.
Why Hip hop?
There's no speacial reason behind me choosing hip hop, I like all music genres but I felt like hip hop speaks to me in a way.
What makes Goitse Mystro different from other Rappers?
Well one thing that makes Goitse Mystro different from the others ,its that he's a master in his own right and is able to do other things besides Rap/hip hop.
What is the motive behind your writings?
I'm not a talkative person, I really struggle when coming to showing my emotions, I prefer putting everything on paper and let the art be my mouth piece.
IMG 20180409 WA0026
Please share with us a bit of info about Dirty DeedsEntertainment
Dirty Deeds Entertainment deals with everything pertaining to entertainment and I didn't want to work for someone else and wanted to be my own boss so that I do my things how I want to be without someone dictating on something that I got from God which is a talent of art. DD Entertainment is also a subsidiary of Dirty Deeds Africa.
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Goitse Mystro worked with?
I haven't yet got to the point of organizations but I've worked with talented cats like Phaka Jnr ,SpilBoy ,A'dude Called Reneilwe and TallBuns.
One word to describe Goitse Mystro?
Can Goitse Mystro change the Mzansi Hip hop Game?
Without a doubt, not necessarily to change the SA hip hop but make a difference.
Follow Goitse Mystro on;
Twitter: @GoitseMystro
Facebook: Goitsemang Aphane
Facebook page: GoitseMystro

Word of Motivation?
Just be yourself , follow your heart and respect the God given talent that you have.
Shout outs?
would like to send a shout out all the lovers of music especially hip hop. Mashiner ,Sam ,Thabiso ,Godfrey ,KB, Clown Brian and the rest.

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