September 20, 2018

Happy 30th Birthday to The Founder of Rap type Mag Jabulani Jay Kubayi


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Today the founder of Rap type Mag Jabulani Jay Kubayi is turning 30. This guy was born and raised in Limpopo at Chavani Village a thlelo kale ka Magweja.
I feel so happy and Blessed that I've managed to reach 30 and still being healthy and active… many didn't reach this age and it pains me so bad, but there's nothing we can do, it's all God's works. To me everyday is my birthday, I celebrate each and everyday giving thanks to God for Blessing me with this awesome life.
I started Rap type Mag to help the upcoming Hip hop artists to express their talents and reach where they couldn't, this might mean that Rap type Mag is somehow a link or a Building Block to someone's success (including myself) and it is so amazing how fast Rap type Mag Grows everyday. Thank you so much to each and everyone who was and is part of making Rap type Mag a Success, there's still a lot to happen, just stay glued to it and you will witness the greatness”

Quick Quiz
Favourite colour? – Green
Favourite Animal? – Dog
Favourite Number? - 30
So Jay, You mean there's a Green Dog with 30 legs?
Lol what? ?
Favourite Meal? – Pap and Pork
Favourite Desert? – Krusher
Where do you wish to travel to? – Durban … I mean Dubai… eish
Favourite Car? – A Yellow Ford Mustang
Wise Words and Motivation - Don't let nobody tell you you can't do it, Stay focused, even if it takes long to reach your breakthrough, keep riding… it shall come to pass… yes it has to be hard, if it was easy, it was gonna be for Everyone… so you are one of the few smart people who never took themselves for granted.
Shout Outs
Big Shout Out to God, My Parents (Papa Kubayi na Mhana Javu), Mhan Johanna, My 6 Loving Siblings, Happy Birthday to My Brother Emanuel “Mr Kunene” Kubayi, I Love You Bro... Shout out to all My Nieces and Nephews, My Cousins and All My Friends… Shout Out to Jacqui Rogers, Anè, Swaine, Matso and My Gift from God Memory ?❤
Please Check My Awesome Interview wirh Kwesta Guys… I Love You All. THANK YOU

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