November 10, 2016

Here's What makes Thebe Sito different from Other Rappers; Gomora's Own Prince of Rap

Thebe Sito is a rap artist born in Tembisa and raised in Alexandra Township.
"At the age of 5 I discovered my love for music and later found Hip hop to be my first love.
Who got You into hip hop?
My older cousin, Mpho. Shout out to him, he introduced me to rap music, when years went by I started writing my own rhymes, I'd recite them in front of the mirror and thinking I'm Pac and all those. My first time in a booth was in 2013 when Evd and I collaborated on a song called Shut It Down. The reception was mad.
Who do you look up to in the hip hop music industry?
The list goes on but to name a few; Black Coffee, Khuli Chana, Dope Saint Jude, Casper Nyovest, OkuMalumKoolKat and Aka.
What makes Thebe Sito different from other hip hop acts?
What sets me apart from any other rappers is that I say what the f*ck is on my mind! And I'm not into following this structured hip hop that everyone is forced to follow. What most rappers are doing is improving the same formula that's been around for years, nobody's taking risks and diving in the deep end. Someone needs to lead a new
direction and I'm that nigg*.
Motive behind your track Hezekiel Speng?
My song Hezekiel Speng was inspired by the South African middle distance runner, Hezekiel Sepeng, Caster Semenya who just won a gold medal at this year’s Olympic Games shout to her, Kgotso Mokoena &
the late great Mbulaheni Mulaudzi (RIP)
Great Artists worked with?
I've worked closely with my producer/buddy named Evd Revo (South Clan Ent), Hip-Naughtic Sean (Zest Fam), Nicholas Ndobe (Chameleon Entertainment) and Harry Solomon (Microscopiq Soundz).
One word to describe Thebe Sito?
Who intimidates you in the Rap Game around your hood and why?
Well I'm from Gomorrah, if you're from Gomorrah you probably know the nigga called Mzizi. Yoh fam! That dude can spit for days!!
Follow Thebe Sito On:
Facebook - Thebe Sito
Twitter - @thebe_sito
What’s on the plate?
I'm dropping my second upcoming mix tape titled Skelm Demo pretty soon. I'm currently working on third single off the tape called "Ispani 2.0". I'm still promoting my video for "Hezekiel Speng", and I'll release the visuals for "HiiiGHER" from the tape as well. My producer (Evd Revo) and I spent long time trying to craft a unique sound and we think we're getting there. Everybody can rap. It’s boring now. I rap, but I cannot say I'm a 'rapper' till I get paidarrow. So for me, being an 'artist' no longer means just putting creative shit together: it’s about touching people where they've never been touched, with even meeting their skin, this what I plan to do with my art.
Wise Words
Use all at your fingertips, like the internet. The more people you know the better chance you have of getting your craft out there. Be you, and believe when no else seems to do so. Never let anyone tells you you can't do something. Practice and repeat. Don't forget to pray and drink lots and lots of water.
Shout Outs?
I'd like to send a shout out to my sangoma bra Nkabz hahaha I'm just joking... Shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded my music. MORE COMING SOON!
What nickname were you given that you didn't like all during your childhood?
To be honest, I've never really had a nickname... But a friend of mine calls me Gobekli Tepe for some reason.

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