May 9, 2018

Infadizle goes BLACK POWER!

Infadizle, real name Sechaba Kgalala was born and raised in the East Rand, Katlehong. He was introduced to Rap music at the age of 11 by a neighbour and friend, Tshepo. Later on as a teenager co-found a Hip Hop group Skwatta Kamp. The group became the first independent Hip Hop group to win a SAMA in 2003 for Khut ‘n Joyn.
In 2003 Sechaba graduated from UJ (formerly TWR) to become a Graphic Designer and joined the South African advertising industry, the same year Skwatta Kamp got signed to Gallo Records which led to him leaving his job to tour with the group.
The passion for graphics was still there, so he’d freelance at advertising agencies when the group was not busy. Because of his evolving nature as a creative, advertising got monotonous so he started his own creative agency which now produces a fashion brand called Black Power.
Who or what got you into Fashion?
I believe the transition into fashion is a natural one. Being a hip hop artist as well as a graphic artist easily influenced me into becoming a now intermediate ‘fashion’ designer. I’m still learning the craft. I never want to be boxed into a career, or me creativity shapes who I become next.
What is the Best and worst thing about Fashion industry according to your experience?
Fashion is a challenge for me which makes it exciting. As a country, we come from a dark place which makes our situation as black people a bit of a challenge to overcome difficulties one might experience as a fashion designer. Consumers already identify themselves with European brands so to convince them to buy South African products at the same price they would prefer buying European brands, so it is a challenge, a challenge we will overcome. The best experience about the fashion industry is that it constantly evolves. It might refer to history at times but it consistently moves forward. There are always opportunities to grow business and diversify within the industry unless people go naked.
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You have one of the amazing clothing line, Black Power, please take us to it, what is the motive behind the brand and who or what it’s market target?
Black Power, the fashion brand as a concept is based on our past struggle as Africans all over the world. We are still fighting for our power, power to realise our own destiny without European control. Reading about Hueys and Kwames of the Black Panther movement, I learnt how the movement was about positivity, building our communities and not the idea of war as many people think Black Power is. Black people just want their piece of the pie to have opportunities to be great.  Black Power, the brand is exactly that, a brand that seeks to be great in the fashion industry to compete globally. So we focus on craft and quality, we are constantly improving our products. Our target market is people who are open-minded. This is a brand for everyone who loves fashion. Everyone who loves craft, art, culture, music and mostly, the colour BLACK!
One word to describe Infadizle
What changes will Black Power bring to the Fashion industry in the near future?
Our goal is to become more than a successful clothing brand but to change the perception of ourselves as Africans. Creating what we were taught is impossible. Remembering how great we are as a people, so as far as fashion goes, I say we will be as big as the Nikes, Guccis, Diors and Pradas of this world. In fact we are already that great, people just don’t know it yet!
How do people reach Infadizle or Black Power if they want to know and see more of your work
People can visit and purchase on our website . , ,
My contacts are on the website as well.
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You collaborated with Jovislash on a hit Aya Kwini (Remix), How was the experience working with him especially on that track?
I’ve worked with Jovislash a number of times before. I was introduced to him by my late friend, Nkuli Flabba Habedi. Working with Jovi is like working with a brother so it’s always fun in studio. It’s easy to work cos the energy is good.
Word of Motivation
I tell people to be fearless. Do what you are passionate about and know yourself first. Do not do things because they are popular or because you think you’ll make money. Do what you do because you are great at it and it gives you life. Do everything you do with love. Do not be afraid to be different. You know who you really are. For example, it’s okay to be a car mechanic, be great at it, no one can be you like you. We don’t all have to be rappers, TV presenters, dancers, famous-for-nothings.
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