May 6, 2020

Inspired by Bonang Matheba; Tshepang "Sweetness" Makhoana expresses her Love for TV Presenting and Helping Young Artists Achieve their Dreams

Born in Lesotho but raised in South Africa, Soweto Orlando West. Stage name “ Angela Sweetness” / Aus Tshepang. Sweetness is a multi talented person who fell in love with the Art from a very tender age.
Born on the 23rd of April 1998. Sweetness went to public schools like most people but refused to get stuck with township mentality. Sweetness is an upcoming Radio and TV host, Actress, Model, Music video vixen and Author. She enrolled with City Varsity for professional acting for camera but couldn’t complete due to nance.
However, that did not stop her from living up her dreams. She told herself that she shall strive for excellence all the time in whatever she does.
Sweetness started her own media club called “It takes a village youth club” and it has excelled since then. She has recently started her own media club called Driven Gear which aims to promote upcoming artists and put them on the map. Sweetness has spread to managing upcoming Youth Artists from South Africa and Neighbouring countries.Her wish is to see upcoming artists making moves and being succesful in the industry, also working towards her own personal goals.
She believes that in life everyone has a purpose, and therefor we should always strive for the best.
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Who is your main inspiration in your Media Personality journey?
Bonang Matheba, I live by the statement she once told me; "People have things to do, you're not anyone's Priority". I look up to her
If you were to choose one stream out of all what you do, what would it be
Definitely TV presenting, simply because I enjoy it more than the other streams and I kill it better, I can also express Myself more through it.
When did you start realizing that you have this talent?
I've always been a loud and a very fun child but I couldn't understand what it was until grade 9, that's when I realised I'm actually talented.
What difference do you think there would be if you would have completed your acting course? Would you like to continue studying in future?
I believe I would have been very far by now, however I believe I'm still young and there's still much to achieve, I still have time and yes I'm definitely continuing with my course after this lockdown but this time I will be doing theatre.
What is the story behind "Driven Gear"?
Driven Dear is a platform created for upcoming artists like myself. Artists will get to promote their work on the page and showcase their talents there
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What is the good and the bad thing about the media and entertainment industry according to your experiences?
The entertainment industry isn't a walk at the park, as a young female upcoming artist, men who have made it in the industry tend to believe they can emotionally and sexually abuse us because we are young and hungry for work, if You're weak you'll fall for it, but it has its good sides too I like the fact I can engage with a lot of socialites, so motivation is presented to me, leaving me all motivated and hyped up
Few years from now, where will Angela Sweetness be?
Lol definitely she would have secured an impressing role in one of Mzansi's leading TV soapies and owning a SAFTA to her name
How is the response from your family and friends towards your journey?
My family has always been supportive,so they understand my journey and the support I have been getting is really overwhelming
Who is your celebrity crush and why? ?
Lol I'm not sure if it's a crush but I really adore Ntate Stunna, simply because he's a hommie doing the most in Africa and he's so original
Follow Sweetness on:
Facebook - Angela Sweetness
Instagram - @aus_tshepang
Shout Outs
A huge shout out to my family, my ancestors for always guiding me and of course to Rap type Magazine?

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