August 23, 2017

Interview with Gorden Gwizo

My full name is Gorden Gwizo and I’m 20 years old. Gwizo is a “weird” guy simply because he is mostly an outlier when it comes to certain perspectives of the society. Gwizo is one curious guy, he likes to explore things and experiment without minding the outcome. He is an optimistic person, no matter the struggle his always smiling. One word that would describe me is “motivation” because I’m always putting my all in helping people to see the best out of them. I’m from Limpopo, I stay at Turf and yeah most people don’t believe me when I tell them. I’m half Shona and half Pedi. My mother is from Zimbabwe and my father from South Africa. I’m currently doing my final year in Computer science at University of Limpopo.
Why hip hop?
I wouldn’t say I chose hip hop rather hip hop chose me, the reason I say this is because I always told myself I won’t do music but I ended up on the mic or spitting on a beat so it is natural gift that I must use and not waste. I hate to say I’m a hip hop artist because that limits my creativity,  hip hop as a culture is based on certain traditions which an artist of that genre should follow, but as an artist I like to explore more genres and experiment, so I call myself an artist. I like mixing my art with different taste, so as an artistic I can paint the picture for people using different tools rather than limited tools.
How is the response from family and friends on the fact that you are in the hip hop game?
My mother actually prefer me as an academic, simply because I’m mostly reading, so in her mind she thinks I’m some Einstein(laughs), but she does support me with my music since one has to use their talents. My father passed away so I believe he is proud of me in Heaven. My friends’ love my music they always ask me ‘why you not in the industry?’ and I always tell them the right time will come.
What’s the motive behind your latest track?
My latest track which will come out some time soon is called ‘Old school love’ ft Quali and Filah, the track is part of my project I’m working on- currently working on my second mixtape called ‘Self Conscious.” The track motive is simply about how love used to mean a lot back then when our parents were still teenagers, nowadays people joke around with the word love and the word became a joke to many teenagers. So on the track I’m just pointing out that I want that old school love that most of our parents had, I want that loyalty that existed and the beautiful feeling of love. It will be an amazing track; it will be sort of a classic track.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this hip hop game?
I have worked with various talented people hey. I worked with Quali, Quintin Marss, C-Rex, Filah, Young A, MSG, Deeroy, Drewski, Jay-Benz, Dash Hash… the list can go on because I have worked with a lot artists and still more artist I’m going to work with.
One word to describe Gwizo?
Who is your favourite hip hop artist in Mzansi and why?
Nasty C. Simply because his pure talent and his price city tape amazed me. He might not have more awards than other big guns in the industry but he is pure talent.
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Facebook page: Gwizo
Instagram and Twitter: Gorden Gwizo
Email: [email protected]
Any updates on Gwizo’s music?
I’m working on my project named ‘Self Conscious,’ it will consists of at most 20 tracks and it has 16 artists I featured like Quali, Syk, Young A, Deeroy, MSG, Filah, C-Rex… it will be diverse project and very beautiful because I’m already loving the outcome of the project.
Gwizo’s wise words
One thing I always tell people is to be themselves, no matter if you are weird or different from people, just be you and everything will just flow. Never give up on something you love no matter if it kills you just keep on trying because at the end the outcome will then support you. Nothing comes easy so just be ready to sacrifice and to be hurt. The most important thing is just to be yourself that is all you need.
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Shout out to Quali, he my bro in music, he has done a lot for me so far. Better check out his tape called Experience: Resoled, it is beautiful and you won’t even believe there is such talent in Polokwane if you listen to it. Lastly shout out to my homies Kelvin (Slim Kevy), Tafadzwa (Tuff), Frans (LF), Adrian (Drizzy) and Shawn (Einstein).
(Bonus) The day you got embarrassed during your childhood, what happened?
(Laughs) The day my crush approached me when I was in primary, I was left clueless on what to say, I just mumbled and it was a loss because I flopped badly (laughs).

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