December 3, 2018

Introducing Dollar Cream: Music has No Language Barriers, so is He

Nhlanhla Derrick "Dollar_Dream" is my name; I was born and raised in Limpopo province of South Africa at a village known as Nwaxinyamani.
I am a self-motivated producer, singer, song writer and a rapper.
I've been in the game of music for over ten years struggling and hustling for a blow up.
Who got you into Hip hop?
No one but myself… I was Inspired by watching music videos on TV "SABC 1 Sgubu". I can say I was born with it.

What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop and Rn'B according to Your Experiences?
Rn’B can unite people, mend crashed relationships and heal their minds and souls through its rhythm and melodies.  It can also turn people into players depending on how the lyrics are constructed.
Hip Hop is a sector of expressions and visions; it's also a building of rhymes and poetry. It can also ruin people's lives more especially youngsters because most rappers tend to use drugs and some expose weapons on their videos.  So youngster's end up living the exact life.
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Great Artists worked with?
Lekkersweet, Sparks Krazey (still working on a big thing), Jay Mr Rap type, MeshMack, Nana Peprah, Dj Spydah, Hkd Kid, Tanny Tee, Mafreeze, Whisper Jackson, Tygah, Mr Connector, Man B Leroux, Young CK, Lil Mike, Trigger and more

Who are the Legends that you wish to work with one of the good days?

What is the Motive behind your writings?
I write about life overall... the struggle I go through, the joy and happiness. Recently I'm focusing on joy and happiness. My songs will be talking about how to love or to accumulate a good life.

You've worked with great artists from outside South Africa, how is the experience mixing the vibes?
I've learned a lot from them. I can now sing like them, and mixing my style with theirs got my music vibe into another level. The uniqueness is supper great. I've experienced a lot, now I know that music has no language barrier.

Dollar Cream… What's the story behind this stage?
Dollar is from the dollar sign, cream means money in Slang. So my name is all about money, though I was inspired by Lil WayneYoung Money"

What can the fans expect from Dollar Cream?
They gotta expect the best, unique perfect sound ... I wanna bring something new in the industry.

Follow Dollar Cream on:
Facebook - Nhlanhla Kubayi
Facebook page: Dollar_Cream
Instagram: @Dollar_Cream
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Wise Words
Stay true to yourself. Never give up, work smart with perseverance. Pray, have faith and believe in God.

Shout Outs
My fellas: Trigger, Mesh, Obie junior (Dj Jurban), Rodrick, Evance, Vincent and the love of my life Emy.

Funny childhood moments?
Lol i was a naughty, shy small lovable boy who was able to have 20 friends all by himself. I was clever but ignorant... I use to draw cartoons while my teacher is busy with us.

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