May 7, 2020

Is Plagaswiss here to Change the Rap Game? The KotaBag Hit be Making Waves already

Mthobisi  Mayisa (24) who is known as Plagaswiss from  Mpumalanga Millikenfarm is a Hiphop /Trap/ Afropop artist who inspire a lot of young upcoming artists in terms of pushing content and making moves
After making his debut national Tv perfomance on Expressions (SABC1)  MBV TV and doing extras on eTV's popular show (Rhythm City), the artist career has topped his upcoming circle to a blowing up mode
Like most South Africans, Plagaswiss comes from a very poor backround with his siblings and Grandmother (Gogo shongwe), the young aspiring artist then decided to further his husstle by changing his location to Johannesburg (Guateng) pushing his latest single Kotabag of which opened lot of doors for him in 2019
Being from a Backround with limited resources, it didnt discourage him not in a bit, yet he is still pushing his music without any sponsership or record label, "im not giving up until i reach my goals"... says Plagaswiss
In 2018/ 2019 Plagaswiss made waves on national radio stations and local stations,
he got invited twice on Ligwalagwa FM's "Mid-day Grooves" with (Sfiso Kingdom Mkhabela) and the Mzansi Breakfast Show with (Dumsane Simelane and Lungile Mango)
Plagaswiss also got invited on Metro FM and Ukhozi FM for interviews ..
He got shortlisted as finalist Face of Switch Energydrink Search and nominated as Husttler of the Year on 011 Awards category
Plagaswiss shared stage with Kraizze ATM, Skandi Kid, Kelly Khumalo, Destruction Boys and more...
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If you were not a Rapper/Trap artist, What would you be?
I would be a Poet, before I got into Hip Hop i used to write poems, so I guess that's where it all started and the rhythm developed inside me
If you were to choose between Music and Acting, what would you choose and why?
I'd definitely choose Music bro! Acting was just an additional plan to boost my career through media
How was the experience of being an extra cast on Rhythm City and how did that boost your profile?
Doing the Rhythm City extra cast was fun, it boosted My career in a big way, though I was just doing the untitled extras but to me it was big
You've achieved quite a lot of things that most upcoming artists struggle to, What few tips can you share to them so they may also follow?
Upcoming artists need to invest on their music. Don't be lazy,  dont beg too much, ask for guidelines on this journey, stick to your own genre, be humble and mostly beleive in yourself
What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop in your hood according to your experiences?
I'm from a hood of less knowledge, they think music is priceless. developing them to vibe to hip hop is very hard
Good thing is that most people respect my work around my place
What are the best moments / Highlights has Music gave you?
Perfoming at Expressions on SABC 1 / MBV Tv, these are the greatest highlights I'm grateful to my music so far
Plagaswiss... what is the story behind this stage name?
Man I got this name through my hustle, My actions and my music
On the street, when someone is brave and doing the most, we usually say he/she has a plug
I guess that's how I got the name as well
What can we expect from Plagaswiss after lockdown?
I have a lot of things that are recently on hold, I have a new song that I'm planning to push and 3 Tv appearances in line that are on hold due to lockdown, so fans can expect big things
Follow Plagaswiss On:
facebook: Plagaswiss_zar
Twitter   : @plagaswiss1
Instagram: @Plagaswiss
Shout Outs
Thanks to everyone who download my music, my fans, Megah from profound lab, nhlanhla stukz who is also assisting me on my career, Tegee Casting Agency
Love You all ??

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