April 14, 2023

Ishmael Shares His Thoughts on The History of Mzansi Hip hop, Who Started it + More | Waar Was Jy? | Jozi

When did Mzansi Hip hop evolve and who were the few artists to be on the Spotlight by the time?

I think Sa hip hop started evolving in the late 80s when P.O.C (Prophets of Da City) became the 1st hip hop act to take it to the limelight. before that, everything, hip hop in SA was very underground. there were others like Senyaka for an example, who had singles but nothing mainstream. Bra Hugh Masekela had a Billboard charting song globally but was not that known in SA

What were the Good and Bad things about Mzansi Hip hop back in the Days according to Your Experiences?

The good about mzantsi hip hop back then is; it was educational and very instrumental in highlighting the social ills of that day

And the bad thing is it; hadn’t found it’s South African identity, it was still Americanized

Back in the days, Crews used to be Stronger, Nowadays Artists Prefer going Solo, How did you guys manage to survive as Crews (Jozi & Skeem)

There was more unity and brotherhood in Crews back then, You had to belong to a Crew to be taken Serious. a sense of belonging was very prevalent.




How did Hip hop manage to survive in the Midst of Kwaito?

Hip hop survived in the midst of Kwaito because it was not in competition with any genre. it was doing it’s own thing

Would you Say Amapiano is slowly Silencing or Killing Mzansi Hip hop?

I wouldn’t say Amapiano is responsible for slowing down Hip hop, I think Hip hop alienated itself so much that most people felt excluded from it. with amapiano most people feel welcomed and not discarded.


Please tell us about your latest song “Sangena”

Sangena is my latest Amapiano/Soul single produced by Ceejay.
It’s a song about underdogs who have been denied the shine and they ain’t taking it no more


What is this One thing that people think about Ishmael that is actually not what they think it is?

Most people don’t know that I’m actually a shy guy I just fight it a lot


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