February 21, 2018

It's time for Paula Izzy Dior to Shine Bright

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Paula Izzy Dior is Rapper, singer and songwriter currently in Cape Town
Who or what encouraged you to get into hip?
A group of Rap boys called DN44L; they really encouraged me into Hip Hop
How is the response from friends and family that you are in the hip hop game?
Well, they are very proud of me and supportive too.
What is the motive behind your writings, especially the latest track you just dropped "N**as Ain't Loyal?
N**as Ain’t Loyal? Feminism , Woman Power is the motive behind my writing. I want women not to feel that men have power over us. We can do all things with or without them. The only one we need is God. We don't need a n**a to survive. You know what I'm saying? So yeah woman power is the motive behind my writings.
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Who are the great people that you worked with on some of your musical projects?
So far hmmm… not yet but looking forward to work with Dj HopeStar & Dala Fam
One word to describe Paula Izzy Dior?
Which female rapper is your intimidation around your hood?
Intimidate? They got nothing on me. I don't consider myself the best female rapper in my hood, but the best in Africa.
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Word of Motivation?
Be yourself. Don't listen to what others try and tell you. Beautiful is being the best version of you.
Catch Paula Izzy Dior on;
Facebook, Reverbnation and SoundCloud.
Twitter @paulaizzydior
Instagram @paulaizzydor.
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Shout outs?
I wanna send a shout to J Kooper, the jigga who encouraged me into hip hop
Who is your celebrity crush?
Nasty C, he's quite handsome, he's got all the qualities I'd need in a guy. He's ambitious, a good rapper and so am I, and I think we'd make a great pair.

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