September 4, 2019

It's Time for The Rapper Andy Cloud to be on the Spotlight! Ugade labafana

Andy cloud A rapper who started rapping in 2013. I released my first mixtape the first I started rapping and I'm now ready with a classic project.
I started with writing poetry at school around 2002, My love for music and writing grew into me wanting to express myself on beats. My style is unique and is rich in poetic content.   I also like telling a story in my music. I pride myself in being unique and not sounding like the average rapper. I have worked on my current project for 2 years and I am ready to submit it to distribution  companies. I am originally from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape but based in Benoni.
Who or what got You into Hip hop?

I started off from just loving words, I respected people who could use words poetically. My love for words grew and I writting poetry in high school, Prior to my love of words, I had been listening to kwaito and hip hop, Saving my lunch monetly at school to buy the latest cassete. I initially wanted to author books but my school teacher told me people don't buy poetry books. I used to perform poems at school events. Later on in life I wanted to fuse my love for music and my passion for poetry, What better way that in Rythm and poetry.

If you were not into Hip hop,  what would you do?
Id probly be miserable. Music has been an emotional outlet for me, Im a creative who needs to vent for sanity.
Careerwise I am currently a Car Salesman who has ambitions of going into business.

What is the Good and the Worst thing about Hip hop around Your hood?
Im from Ikwezi in the Eastern Cape. The worst thing would be people listen to hip hop in their  homes but when they get to the clubs they play other genres, Hip hop is not seen as turn up music. Good thing would be that hip hop lives regardless of whether there are platforms that showcase it or not.

What is the Motive behind your Songs especially the latest One?
Love has always been my biggest inspiration. The latest single is about a crush I had on a 19 year old, I was so  infactuated about her, I was also concerned about her well being as I felt she was making crucial mistake by not choosing me and her lifestyle was out of hand.
The song is me giving advice to her, I also sound bitter because she does not choose to be with me.

How is the Response from Family and friends that you are in the Hip hop Game?
Im old, like in my early  30s, They give me those crazy looks but out of  concern. This has always been my childhood dream. They also respect my music though and I can tell they want the best for me. I just hope this music thing funds bigger dreams

What are the Wise words that keep you going as a Rapper?

There is a time for everything. My time is also coming.

Who is your Main Influence towards your Music? 
I am a rapper who is also a fan of great music but to name the most impactful to me... J Cole, Drake and Teargas

What is the Story behind your Stage Name?
I struggled to find a name, I have always been fascinated with clouds. They can be so dynamic and beautiful. There was also a Tv series called Highlandeers that had a main character called Duncan Mccloud. I loved how he called his own name. So clouds and Duncan Mccloud ended up ....Andy Cloud. (Makes no sense I now) Like I said I battled. Andy comes from my name Andile.

Few Years from now,  where will You be as a Rapper?

I would like to open up the industrt and help create platform for up and  coming artists, I have struggled to be break into, I still am struggling. I have learnt things about the industry I would like to teach to other artists, Making a success of other people is sonething I would love to one day do. I will later be involved in music as a song writer when I start having a family. I want to be a businessman who does music because he still loves it.
I also want to study a bit.
I want to be as rich as I can be .
I am very ambitious. Trust me

Shout Outs
Pfunzo mayne beats
Psykick and lesson makubele
(Dudes who are working with me on my upcoming project)

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My music is on slikouronlife and soundcloud

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